Graphic Designer

About Candidate

Hello, I am the missing link in your already well established agency. My name is Taryn Natvarlal, and my recent graduation means that I am fresh off the press and ready to work with vigor and collaborative creativity.


Having 4 years of an educational hands-on experience as a Graphic Designer as well as interning at 3 separate companies, and over 40 of completed projects, I am ready to adapt to the challenge at your company.


I thrive in a fast-paced environment, consistently delivering various information design skills such as conceptualising and implementing website design, UX/UI and brand identity. I have in-depth knowledge of the entire Adobe Creative Suite as well as Figma which has helped my experience while working for clients and in-house branding.


My Information Design degree equipped me with experience in projects in three types of media: print, ambient and screen-based media. Typical design applications include:

* Corporate identity and branding

* Editorial design and copywriting

* Advertising and promotion

* Design for social development

* Imaging and visualisation

* Broadcast, film and animation

* Information visualisation

* Photography

* Web design

* Social design interventions


My 4 year bachelors degree (NQF Level 8) at The University of Pretoria has taught me how to adapt quickly and to creatively solve problems within minimal time.


Here is a link to my portfolio detailing my main projects from my final year completed within my degree (2023) :