Junior Full-Stack Developer

About Candidate

Hi there, I’m Bongani Khoza, a passionate coder and problem solver driven by a relentless curiosity for cutting-edge technology. My journey began with a solid foundation in Electrical and Computer Engineering, complemented by a deep dive into Aeronautical Engineering. Throughout my academic and professional career, I’ve immersed myself in diverse coding environments, mastering languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript.

From my role as a Junior Full Stack Developer at EDGE Education to my ventures as a Freelance Full Stack Developer and Owner of Ground Rabbit, I’ve tackled complex challenges head-on, delivering robust solutions that marry sleek design with seamless functionality. My expertise spans front-end frameworks like VueJS and ReactJS, back-end technologies such as NodeJS and Laravel PHP, and mobile app development with React Native.

But it’s not just about writing lines of code for me. I thrive on collaboration and innovation, constantly seeking new ways to optimize processes and elevate user experiences. Whether it’s mentoring budding developers at Zaio or crafting intuitive interfaces for clients like Maledi Fresh and Ventures Online, I bring a blend of technical prowess and creative flair to every project.

In a world driven by digital transformation, I’m excited to continue pushing boundaries, solving problems, and creating impactful solutions through the power of coding.