About Candidate

I possess diverse skills and talents that contribute to my success as a software engineer. My proficiency spans various programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, ReactJS, NodeJS, and more. I excel in front and backend development, with experience in technologies like NextJS, TailwindCSS, ExpressJS, and Java Springboot. Additionally, my expertise extends to DevOps tools like Vercel, Docker, AWS, Azure, and AI technologies such as OpenAI API and HuggingFace. I have a strong foundation in databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL, coupled with skills in sound design, video editing, and game design. Moreover, my ability to create innovative projects like CommonFunLib.io, CodeShifter, and Portyfolio showcases my creativity and problem-solving skills. Overall, my unique skills lie in my adaptability to new technologies, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

Further Development and Education

In terms of my career and education objectives, I am eager to continue learning and improving my skills in software development as I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the industry.
I graduated from the University of Johannesburg, where I studied software development. Unfortunately, my studies were cut short due to funding limitations. However, I have been proactive in pursuing freelance work and taking on side projects to gain practical experience and improve my skills. My aim is to secure a stable position that will enable me to pay for my education and finally complete my degree.



Bsc in IT in Computer Science and Informatics 2019-2022
University of Johannesburg

During my university studies, I learned algorithms and data structures in VB and C++, database design for e-commerce, software engineering, OOP, and data communications. These subjects provided me with a strong foundation in problem-solving, efficient data organization, web-based solutions, software development, and networking.

Work & Experience

Web Developer feb 2022 - dec 2022

I designed and built a user-friendly web interface that resulted in increased user adoption and engagement. The intuitive and accessible design improved user experience and led to higher submission rates. Additionally, the implementation of secure authentication and authorization mechanisms ensured authorized access for students, and an efficient issue tracking and management system streamlined resolution and improved response times.

IT Admin feb 2020 - dec 2022

I ensured the smooth operation of servers, routers, and Wi-Fi systems through regular checks and maintenance. Additionally, I promptly addressed any issues and resolved problems to minimize downtime. I also monitored network performance, reporting any outages or connectivity issues to the relevant teams