Test Analyst
R50000 / month

About Candidate

Artish is over a decade of experience in the Software Testing space, with a BTech in Information Technology. He has a wealth of experience working in many different IT-related fields, from Artificial Intelligence, Data & Machine Learning to System Testing and developing test infrastructure.


During his time at IOT.NXT, where he has served since August 2021 as part of the Artificial Intelligence, Data & Machine Learning Department, Artish has utilized Python, SQL and various tool frameworks such as Kafka, Spark, Flink, Druid, Monod and Myself to execute analytical experiments, collect large structured and unstructured datasets and variables, clean and validate data, analyse data for trends and patterns, and interpret data with a clear objective in mind.


Prior to that, Artish worked at CloudOne.mobi from April 2015 until July 2021 in a variety of positions, most recently as Senior Test Analyst. Here he managed a team of 3 Testers and 2 Support Analysts, established more scalable processes for servicing partners in a timely manner and creating and testing Digital Signage and POS solutions for companies (Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, TicketPro).


From January 2017 until January 2019, he also served as Technical Test Analyst at CloudOne.mobi, where he narrowly analyzed complex situations, recommended areas of process improvement, created and acquired test data, identified and mitigated project and/or test risks, deployed and managed the appropriate testing framework to meet the testing mandate, developed test cases based on functional specifications, conducted system testing and compared achieved results against expected results, and executed tests and analysed/documents results on Quality Centre using SQL and Jeri.

Further Development and Education