Technical Buyer
August 28, 1995

About Candidate

Good Day,

I am excited to see your opening for the advertised position and I hope to receive an invite for an interview.

I believe I am the perfect candidate for the advertised position because I possess all the qualities and competencies

required for this position. I have exceptional technical expertise and knowledge, which I have gained through my years

at Port Rex technical high school and later on at the University of the Witwatersrand, where I completed my B.Sc. degree

in Construction Studies in record time. I later registered to do my BSc Hons in Quantity Surveying at the University of

Witwatersrand part-time whilst working full time, I managed to complete my honours degree with 4 distinctions out of

the 7 modules I did. I am also a registered candidate Quantity Surveyor (SACQSP).

I am a very passionate individual and nothing interests me more than technology and business, hence I am a quantity

surveyor by profession. I am highly gifted in analytical, numerical and in logical thinking therefore I enjoy finding simple

and efficient solutions to difficult problems. Fortunately, I am a very sociable person too, due to my many years working

as a sales promoter during my studies in Johannesburg, therefore I find it easy to socialize with people from different

backgrounds and cultures. I am also a very strong willed and highly ambitious individual whilst also disciplined and

obedient to my superiors. I am a quick learner and an independent person thus I am a self-motivated person who

requires little to no supervision.

My work experience started at Jumbo Building on the 1st of October 2017 to the 1st of February 2018 where I worked as a

junior quantity surveyor. There I learnt a great deal about Quantity surveying from Izak the senior QS and under his

Tutelage and supervision, I grew in confidence and knowledge in the QS field. On the 1st of February 2018 I moved to Unispan

formworks where I worked for Eco-Fibre which is the labour arm of Uni-span Formworks. Here I had the privilege of

working under Hannes a registered Professional QS whom has helped me grow tremendously as a Quantity Surveyor in

the corporate environment. Working at EcoFibre has been by far my biggest challenge with regards to dealing with work

pressures and developing emotional intelligence. On the 1st of August 2021 I moved back to Uni-span where I work as an

Estimator, here I have had the privilege of joining the special projects team which does the planning and tendering of large

complex projects for Uni-span Africa. Here I have worked on massive Civil and Mining projects in Africa. Some of the

projects I have helped price include the Polihali dam in Lesotho, the NCG Cathedral in Ghana, The NBIA airport in Rwanda,

Key Ridge bridge and plenty other jobs of similar size.

Lastly, I possess my own transportation and I have a passport, therefore I am willing to relocate to anywhere whether it

be national or international.

Kind regards

Ayanda Malusi



BSc Hons Quantity Surveying 2020
The University of the Witwatersrand

Work & Experience

Junior Quantity Surveyor
Jumbo Building

Measure off construction drawings and plans to help the senior QS with supplier and subcontractor payments. • Source new and cheaper suppliers by conducting meetings with sales reps. • Request quotes from our suppliers for the cost of the material and labour. • Calculate the material required on site • Conduct on-site inspections and measurements to ensure an accurate client valuation. • Attend site meetings and relay any information from the senior QS should he not be available. Continually create Excel sheets to calculate material and any other administrative requirements the senior QS needs. • Guide, direct and motivate the Construction Execution Teams, including but not limited to Construction Managers. • Interpreted meaning of onsite information for others.

Quantity Surveyor & Estimator
Uni-span Formwork

Contract Management • Discuss the contract documents with the MD and GM to ensure that all contract requirements are adhered to, and any discrepancies are rectified before the contract is signed off. • Proof-read all contractual clauses to ensure they are in-line with our company policies. • Ensure all contract documents are submitted timeously. Cost Reports • Ensure the cost reports are accurate and timeously submitted to the MD and GM to evaluate the progress of each project. • Note any large discrepancies which I will discuss with the MD during our monthly cost report meetings. • Prepare accurate QS Report for all the projects I am working on. Valuations • Prepare fortnightly/monthly valuations on the Candy CCS software. • Prepare sub-contractor valuations on Candy CCS software. • Liaise with client over any measurement disputes that may exist. • Build and maintain relationships with client QS. • Update MD & GM on claims submitted and currently outstanding for cashflow purposes.Tendering/ Estimating (Special Projects Team) • Prepare BOQ for projects where none is available. • Do rate build-ups for Civil, Mining and Building projects. • Generate material hire rates per week using draughtsmen designs and material quotes. • Prepare presentation for main contractor clients. • Attend tender briefings. • Developing strong relationships with main contractor estimators and buyers. • Prepare tender proposal for each tender submitted. • Keep records of all tenders submitted for follow up purposes.