Brand Manager
August 9, 1998

About Candidate

I am an ambitious person and I work hard to achieve my goals. I am passionate and I adapt easily to my environment. I don’t believe in being the best, I believe there is always someone who is better and more hard-working and that ideology pushes me to constantly improve myself and work even harder since I am competitive. I am usually liked by my co-workers and stakeholders and even customers since I communicate well with people. I am an honest person and I value loyalty a lot.



Bcom Strategic Brand Management 2020

Major Subjects - Brand management, Business management and Financial management. Other subjects - Digital brand and business strategy, Innovation, Economics, Marketing, and Research.

Work & Experience

Sales Executive 2017 - 2019
Vets Hyper

I was tasked with selling products and working with clients to look for the products they desired. I also ensured the store was always clean and orderly and was responsible for cashing up and keeping track of products and orders.

Dance Teacher 2016 - Current

I am tasked with teaching several styles as well as a stand-in for other teachers when necessary. I also helped clients with their questions and assisted with calculating and adjusting class fees as well as the marketing of the studio. I designed social media marketing material on Canva.

PR & Marketing Intern 2022 - Current

I monitor social media as well as create content for each platform and do copywriting. I also analyse the social media platforms as well as social media campaigns. I engage with Stakeholders as well as represent ZADNA at exhibitions. I create marketing campaigns for social media and assist with strategy and budget meetings. I also do the cost estimates for social media campaigns.