Corporate Sales Administrator
January 27, 1982

About Candidate

I am a hard-working individual who enjoys challenges and can make the best of all given tasks.  I have always aligned myself to education which would be the key to greater knowledge.

I believe that I would become an asset to the organization that would be employing me. I am a team player who won’t stop at anything to better myself and to excel in my career.

I am a fast learner and embrace change very fast. With the ever-changing markets, I can easily adapt to new environments and will gladly align myself with the wants and needs of the organization.

Diversity within the work places is something I take very seriously, knowing and acknowledging that all working environments have different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Me adapting and aligning myself to be inclusive within the system makes me appreciate the diversity and respect and appreciate the given opportunity to be within such environments. Through diversity, we learn and grow, and this is how I look at myself growing.



Eldorado Par