Supply Chain
August 25, 1989

About Candidate

I am Charmaine Zuma. I am currently doing my final year in Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management and am currently requiring an entry level job opportunity which will enable me to put the knowledge obtained throughout my degree into practice thus developing myself and my abilities. I am a very driven and persistent individual who will stive to great diligence to produce outstanding results. I am a perfectionist who strongly believes that if something is half done then it’s not done at all, as a result I always strive to produce excellence in every field of labour.



BCom in Supply Chain Management 2022

Completing final year of my degree qualification.

Work & Experience

Trainee Chemical Process Controller 2017-05-01 - 2019-11-29
Shell & BP South African Petroleum Refineries

Performed Tank Farms Receiving, treating (draining, water-freeing and sampling) and intermediate storing of crude for further processing at Distillation Unit. Chemical Process Learning/ training and obtaining competency in process and equipment operating, monitoring and controlling. LPG & Light Blending Treating (draining and sampling) and intermediate storing of Light Naphtha and Flushing Oil tanks for further processing Separation of oil &water of slops by the aid of interceptors (parallel plate interceptors and corrugated plate interceptors) Increased blending of Propane (C3's), Butane (C4's) and Propane Propene (PP) to produce Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Efficient and effective blending of Mogas (petrol) component products to produce petrol (Mogas 93 and 95) Running of Utilities Unit : Cooling Water, Fire Water, Boiler Feed Water and Condensate, Fuel Gas, Boilers and Steam and Flare System. Established process moves as required by shift leader. Performed trouble shooting of process deviations and corrected process malfunctions. Continuous improvement by generating suggestions, engaging in problem-solving activities to support teamwork. Carried out day-to-day duties accurately and efficiently. Identified issues, analyzed information and provided solutions to problems. Improved operations through consistent hard work and dedication Drove operational improvements which resulted in savings and improved profit margins Saved the company money by implementing cost-saving initiatives that addressed long-standing problems of a leaking propane pump, was named hero of the week. Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time.

Chemical Process Controller
Shell & BP South African Petroleum Refineries

Manage use and function of equipment throughout the process plant. Monitored proper and safe storage of both hazardous and non-hazardous chemical materials. Ensured all areas are in compliance with safety standards. Supervision of plant contractors and ensuring adherence to safety standards as stipulated in their permit to work documentation. Plant inspection of leaks and spills and overall housekeeping and ensuring containment and cleaning of spills to minimize fire hazards. Continuously improve process performance until optimal levels are achieved. Maximized quality assurance by testing and improving operational systems. Performing plant inspections and recording unit-check logs.

Sales & Marketing Consultant
Virgin Active

Cold called and conducted face-to-face sales calls with prospective customers. Created detailed sales presentations to communicate product features and market data. Applied knowledge of market and full range of innovative and unique products to meet customer needs, expanding company's customer base. Increased overall revenue 70% from 40% sales through effective salesmanship and great negotiation skills. Achieved certificate of excellent work ethics. Maximized customer retention by resolving issues quickly. Implemented up-selling strategies, encompassing recommendation of accessories and complementary purchases. Responded to telephone and in-person requests for information Presented gym membership using interactive materials such as videos, charts and slideshows Improved sales by managing sales lifecycle from lead generation through contract negotiations and closings. Cultivated lasting rapport with key industry clients by providing accurate pricing and credit terms to meet customer objectives. Created detailed sales presentations to communicate product features and market data.

Sales & Marketing Consultant
Planet Fitness

Sales, marketing and promoting of gym membership. Prepared detailed and well thought out proposals and marketing plans. Conducted marketing research to actively identify industry trends and business opportunities. Implemented and directed marketing projects (marketing and outreach-programmes) and monitored results. Collaboration with team members to ensure adherence to daily, weekly and monthly targets. Effectively supported data-driven marketing and sales activities. Effectively analyzed market trends to determine important information about competition, customers and future business opportunities. Cold calling of prospective customers. Managed over 50 customer calls per day Increased sales by 20% through referral sales drives. Grew sales and boosted profits, applying proactive management strategies and enhancing sales training Increased sales by offering advice on purchases and promoting additional products


Good Work Ethics certificate. 2017