Graphic Designer
August 6, 1993

About Candidate

Hello, My Name is Lesley-Ann. A talented Graphic Designer in the South of Johannesburg. My understanding of the world around and in front of us inspires me to understand how I can change and influence the world through graphic and brand designing, and technology. My interaction and experience with technology and the world drives me to keep scrolling to the next page of the creative journey of what can be introduced to improve the lives of many.

My insatiable desire to grow and learn new skills leads me to practice my craft daily. I am at present enrolled and in the process of completing a graphic designing course through Udemy facilitated by Lindsay Marsh. I have recently completed my third module out of ten as part of Higher Certificate in Banking (NQF 5, 120 credits) through UNISA. My third module, Business Management has led me to understand how crucial it is to think outside the box. It is part of an entrepreneurs’ life to ensure that business keeps on growing through innovation. Part of the course introduced Marketing which indicated that branding is the core of business operations. In principle the Marketing function, within business operations, deals with customers perception of the product through well designed branding. It is therefore the feel and taste of the product that the company offers, and it is the same with an app in one’s hand.

I work well in teams, and I love how many hands can make light work, many brains’ can lead to solutions and a final product that contributes to our human hood.  From my humble beginnings in Retail, I oversaw graphic designing and as part of duty for the store I was a sales representative. I had to ensure that walk-in customers were served with a smile, quickly and efficiently. I designed on the go with logo, business card, flyers, roll up banner designs and many more. Where printing was concerned, we all worked as a team. I would ask for help and delegate the tasks with printing, cutting, and packaging the final product for the customer. If the impossible arisen, I would make sure that the supplier could deliver the job and I was in consistent communication with the supplier, customer, and my manager to ensure success.

It gives me great pleasure to pursue graphic designing as it is bigger than I.  I am ready to work for a company that is ready to coach me and watch a dedicated learner of this world flourish to contribute to a wonderful company that is waiting for me.  Therefore, I believe I am the right candidate for this position.




Fine Art 2012-2015
University of Johannesburg

Art Theory and Conceptual Studies introduced me to art history and the philosophy of how we interact with the world as artists. The theories kept me engaged with building concepts for my own thoughts and art. Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign were my practical subjects, my main interest is painting and I used the Adobe Programs to design my own catalogs. I decided to major in Sculpture in 2014. At the end of 2014 I was part of the yearly exhibition. I graduated in March, 2015.

Banking Higher Certificate Expected to graduate in 2024

This is a beginner course to understand the financial industry and to increase my knowledge in the corporate field. My first module was the introduction to Banking; second module was the Fundamental of Banking and the Environments and the Third Module is Business Management 1A; I have learned entrepreneurial skills, knowledge on business, how to manage a business as an entrepreneur ,and the different functions of the business as well as the business environements. I have 7 more modules to continue to complete my certificate.

Matric 2011
Mondeor High School

English Afrikaans Maths Literacy Visual Art Business Studies Consumer Studies Life Orientation

Work & Experience

Sales and Graphic Design 1 February 2016 - 31 December 2021
PostNet The Glen

•Assisted to produce sales and promoted customer service skills. •Main responsibility was to graphic design for walk in clients. Lead in the design, development and implementation of the graphic, layout and production of the printed designed artworks results in time management skills. •Assisted with Computer and Internet skills with typing and printing. •Basic administrative skills: faxed, scanned, e-mailed, bound documents, photocopied and printed documents and posters of A4-A0. •Telephonic and non-verbal communication skills, I contacted and responded to public and personal customers for collection of parcels, tracking parcels online and graphic design skills to advertise for store’s products and services. •Shipped parcels and documents locally and internationally using DHL, Aramex Courier and DSV. •Photographing and producing the prints for passport and Visa photographs. •Obtained knowledge of HURU- Fingerprint operating system. Screened customers for Criminal Record Certificate. •Trained and supervised a work colleague to assist PostNet Hyde Park Corner and PostNet The Glen with graphic design skills under the management of Ken Jackson. •End of day cash up skills; Counting money, print end of day sales reports, bank money for the next day and bank profit for management when needed under the management of Manoj Kara.

Learnership : Film and Television Production Operations 2015 - 2015
Rock Media Studios and NEMISA

• Learnership course with Rock Studios and Media NPO and NEMISA. • Co-worked in a team of six students where I have learned team building, focused on multiple tasks to ensure creative solutions, and improved on multi-tasking. • For Rock Studios and Media. I was responsible for layout design. • Designed logos for their promotional posters and video’s, church booklets and radio broadcastings that launched on SoundCloud. I mind-mapped visual ideas for their church announcements, designed and uploaded the digital posters for their Facebook Page. • Assisted to organize church events and produced short films as a team. • Participated in team discussions with Management and team members in daily meetings. • NEMISA taught me customer skills, teamwork, camera, and sound operations, editing video’s, mind-map ideas to produce short story skills, extensive research skills and to use my graphic designing skills in a work environment.


Fine Art 2015
Received my National Diploma in Fine Art NQF 6