SHEQ Manager / SHEQ Consultant / Oil and Gas Safety Officer
January 19, 1981

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Please find attached my Curriculum Vitae as an application for the open SHEQ Manager/HSEQ Advisor/ SHEQ Officer position.


I truly love Safety (encompassed as SHEQ) both on and off the job! I love people and helping them identify potential dangers in their particular working environment. One of my goals is to foster a strong SHEQ protection culture to the entire team, always looking for opportunities to raise the level of SHEQ awareness. One of my main concerns for a business is to establish a base line risk assessment of a Company’s High, Med and Low risks in the workplace and to implement control measures and to establish risk based SMART objectives for the Company.


One of the most rewarding and effective parts of my job is identifying the hazards and risks to employees, environment and company property, ensuring that employees are aware of the high risk activities in their particular workplace and mitigating them using HIRA methodology, ensuring  the effectiveness of controls are maximized. Seeing the look on someone’s face, when you truly do care and identifying a safer way of executing that particular job that could help stop someone from getting seriously injured makes it all worth it. I think the key is to have a well-rounded working relationship with the entire work force.  My approach is to constantly come across as personable and make them aware to always keep with their families in mind with the decisions they make in the workplace and to always follow the rules that are in place and take responsibility for their and the people around them safety.


Quality management systems is also key to a company’s back up plans and a brilliant tool to ensure customer satisfaction! Ultimately you want your quality system to help exceed your customers’ expectations, whether it’s on time deliveries quick reaction time to customer complaints or NCR’s.. A big part of the new ISO9001:2015 standard is Risk Based thinking in relation to quality process risks for each department’s inputs and outputs and implementing controls to reduce the risks to the quality of the product.


I have extensive experience with internal process audits as per the procedures and can compile questions relating to that specific department identifying areas for improvement and capturing a true reflection of the processes within. By improving the departmental processes, you will improve customer service. Equipment calibrations and flagging systems is my forte and have some insightful ways to automate our processes and calibration files in order to ensure up to date systems and equipment certification for critical measuring equipment. Management review and setting strategic direction are also key in the new standard whereby global and departmental objectives and targets will be set to gage improvement year on year and that’s where I see I have a lot of added value in this area of setting SMART Goals.


Please feel free to contact me on +27 (0)82 773 1717 to discuss my application or to set a time and date for a possible interview.




Oil and Gas

Work & Experience

SHEQ Manager 19/06/2010 - 01/09/2017
ACTOM Energy

Implementation of the SHEQ Management System on the Project allocated to. · Ensuring the project complies with the applicable SHE Legislation and associated Regulations. · Facilitate the risk assessment process and implementation of control measures to mitigate the identified hazards and associated risks. · Facilitate Inspections and Audits. · Manage sub-contractors’ SHEQ compliance on the project. · Assist and facilitate incident investigations and verification of corrective and preventative action plans. · Ensure investigations are conducted and reported in line with legal and statutory requirements of the applicable legislation. · Ensure SHEQ communication and awareness at appropriate levels to contribute to a positive HSE culture on site. · Building constructive and cooperative relationships with all internal and external stakeholders. · Visibly support the SHEQ Stop.Think.Act! campaign and other SHEQ initiatives and objectives

SHEQ Consultant 01/10/2018 - 01/02/2021
3C Metal Belmet

ISO Auditor

CINCO Engineering 01/01/2020 - 12/12/2021
CINCO Engineering

ISO Auditor