Software Developer
September 7, 1998

About Candidate

My career as a developer had started in 2018 when I completed my Information Systems Development Certificate. I then did an internship at Khabane Majestic Consulting and later 2019, I got hired as a permanent employee. As it stands now, with over 4 years of experience in the development industry, i’ve got hands on experience in frontend and backend development, as well as databases. As a result of completing 2 AWS certificates, that being Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate, I also have knowledge of working with Amazon Web Services to deliver and host software solutions. I have used AWS within my current organisation for several projects, as well as for client based projects. As most organizations now go through development of software solutions using the agile methodology, I completed the ICAgile Certified Professional course in 2019, in order to understand the concepts, ceremonies and also part take to the best of my abilities as a technical part of whichever book of work I allocated to. I consider myself a language agnostic developer because with my experience in development, the different projects I have worked on require different languages and technical stacks. I enjoy the challenges which come with developing systems because at the end of the day, what is built contributes to the transformation that computers are bringing to world. My passion for translating business requirements into technical solutions and contributing to the solving of business problems can be seen through the various projects I have worked on, which are all client based. I am currently also in the process of completing my BSC in Informatics degree. I am looking to expand my horizon and contribute to your organisation with the knowledge I currently have. Thank you for the opportunity to present my CV and I eagerly anticipate your favourable response.