Quality Assurer
April 17, 1988

About Candidate



National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 2010
Vaal University of Technology
Senior Certificate 2005
Mugena High School

Work & Experience

Quality Control Inspector and Assurer October 1, 2012
Kaefer Thermal

- Interpretation of drawings. - Lines and equipments identification and tagging. - Requesting for client inspection, updating inspection progress. - Advising the operations on quality issues and suggesting solutions. - Taking corrective action on deviations submitted by the client and close down. - Ensuring that all work meets contract specifications and standard of excellence for the contract. - Stopping non-conforming work, rejecting work, accepting work, proposing solutions, and rejecting material that are not in accordance with the contract, accompany Client and / or managing Contractor on such inspections. - Inspecting materials and equipment to ensure conformance to the requirements of the contract. - Monitoring the repair or reconstruction of rejected work and document corrective action. - Creating work instructions, creating method statements. - Compiling work data books, archiving retainable documents - Creating and reviewing hand over files to client, opening and closing NonConformance Reports (NCR).

QS Training, Quality Inspection July 1, 2011 - September 28, 2012
ISC Matla

-Progress Tracking. - Interpreted drawings, Inspection of material and painting - Controlled loading of materials. - Data capturing, Material Square areas calculations

Mechanical Engineering Intern July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
Lepelle Northern Water

- Planner/project trainee. - Asset management. - Worked on SAP program. - Created/updated maintenance plan, functional locations, notification, orders, work centres, job request, functional assessment, failure analysis and condition monitoring, Scheduling preventative maintenance plan, Allocating time to artisans during breakdown maintenance and reporting those breakdowns

In-Service Trainee January 2, 2009 - December 31, 2009
ERD Fabricators]

- Basics on welding, Flame cutting, Machining, Drilling, Mechanical fitting and Grinding. - Interpretations of drawings, Planning, Safety measures, welding inspections, Layouts and Lubrications, fabrication inspection.