Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager

About Candidate

Through my career life, I worked at the North West Department of Health and various Non-GovernmentalOrganizations (NGO’s) that supported the multiple Provincial Departments of Health and National Health. Starting in year 2000till 2005 I was appointed as a Health Information Officer within the North West Department of Health at Districtlevel and Hospital, where I gained vast experience with District Health Information Systems. In 2005, Health Systems Trust (HST) recruited and seconded me to the USAID fundedIntegrated Primary Health Care Project (IPHC) awarded to Management Sciences for Health (MSH),as a Technical Advisor for Health Information Management(HIM).


Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) in 2007 employed and seconded me to the CDC funded PMTCT project awarded to PATH as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Thebu Health Consulting in 2011 until 2015, appointed me to be the Monitoring and Evaluation officer for the Royal BafokengAuthority, Patient Information Systems Project. PATH recruited me in 2016 as the Monitoring and Evaluation officer for the MNCHN Window of opportunity Project (WinOp) funded by BHP Billiton. In the same year, I was recruited by IRD SA as Business Analyst for the TB in Mines Project funded by Global Fund through Wits Health Consortium (WHC) and their TB in Pregnant Women and Childhood Project. In 2019 I joined the USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (USAID TradeHub) awarded to DAI as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist, and later got appointed as the Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager till to date.


As the IPHC project was funded by the USAID, it afforded me an opportunity to obtain a certificate with Measure Evaluation through University of Pretoria for Monitoring and Evaluation. Furthermore, I obtained a certificate with the University of Western Cape for Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes. Also, at the University of Western Cape, I attained a certificate in DHIS Advance Course resulting in me lecturing this module with them. As an expert in the field of HIM and M&E, I am a guest lecture on HIM at the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Health Sciences. I also consulted as a HIM Facilitator for the Health Information System for Data Capturers course (3535 Project) by the National Department of Health and University of Pretoria. Lastly, I have been a DHIS Consultant Facilitator for Foundation for Professional Development, DHIS advance course.


With my educational background in IT, I got involved in improving technology in Health. The objective was to improve collection, collation, quality,and analysis of data. My involvement in e-Health, included managing the development of mobile applications, web based Medical Record Systems and Electronic Health Records. Whilst at PATH WinOp Project, I developed the SOW for MNCHN software development, appointed the developers and rolled out the software in four Provinces. IRDSA as my employer in 2016, gave me a responsibility to manage the development and piloting of mobile applications used for the TB in the Mines (TIMS), TB in Childhood and Pregnancy, Mine TB and the Bedaquiline Projects which were successful. The mobile applications were used to collect data, whilst the web-based database collated and analyzed TB data for 10 SADC Countries. With USAID TradeHub, I managed the development of the web-based MEL Database and was responsible for migration of project data from Microsoft Excel to the new database. This also included management of the contracts for the software development Consultants.


Work & Experience

Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager
DAI - Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub

supporting MEL functions through high-level engagement with Technical Leads, experts and consultants located in nine countries. Provide leadership and guidance to the staff and senior management to improve MEL approaches, and promote adaptive learning and evaluation practices. Responsible for the development of the performance management plan (PMP) and performance monitoring and evaluation plan (PMEP). Furthermore, ensure that the plans are current, compile the quarterly and annual reports for USAID Feed the Future, MIS and DIS. Manage indicator performance reporting and target setting for the USAID Mission’s reporting. Maintain reporting guidelines and procedures in line with the USAID Systems. Develop specialized monitoring and evaluation tools, data collection protocols and database development to ensure accurate collection and verification of data. Tracks projects progress and evaluates its impact in an integrated manner allowing for ongoing learning and program adjustments. Provide training and mentoring to staff on MEL, including field-based staff in country offices.