Safety Officer
April 9, 1984

About Candidate

I am an adaptable professional who has been consistently praised as adaptable by my co-
workers and management. Over the course of my 13-year career, I’ve developed a skill set
directly relevant to the Health and Safety Officer role you are looking for, including quality
assurance. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated leadership, organizational and
problem-solving abilities in every aspect of my health and safety officer role at (wilson Bayly
Holmes Ovcon), and I invite you to review my detailed achievements in the attached resume.

After reviewing my resume, I hope you will agree that I am the type of competent and
competitive candidate you are looking for. I look forward to elaborating on how my specific
skills and abilities will benefit your organization




Accounting Certificate

Work & Experience

WBHO Construction Company

Induction and risk assessments training; Prepare and conducting tool box talks and DSTI; Conducting audit on subcontractors; Incident and accident investigation; Facilitating the use of work permits; Inspection of hand tools, power tools, heavy lifting equipment and cranes; Daily reports on train 3 section; Preparing sub-contractors monthly stats; Preparing and monitoring of mock drill. Compiling and reviewing of risk assessments: Preparing and coordinating emergency procedures. Weekly PTO tracking and updating registers


Different titles. see below
• I have been part of the safety team that ran the site with the number of 700 employees, and achieved an amazing 5 801 719 LTI free hours and 864 days LTI free. • My section at OTMS had the lowest recorded injuries when compared to the other sections. We had 8 different sections on our site. • This shows that whatever task that I am given at a work place, I do it with my full capabilities for the best interest of the company. • My first project working for WBHO at the Nedbank Parkade Project, I had 1 general foreman, 2 senior foremen, 4 foremen and 4 junior foremen that I had to look after. That was my first site working alone as some senior safety personnel on site.