Incledon, Germiston, South Africa (Reported to Group CEO)
May 24, 2024

About Candidate

Executive summary

I am currently 39 years old and formerly from Durban. I have worked up the ranks in my career and am employed at Incledon for the past five years, with five promotions within the company with a deep operational and strategic understanding of the business. I have grown significantly in senior management roles, which allowed for the management of the business across all key functions: Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Sales, Customer Service, Product technicality and application thereof.

From a skills perspective, I have a proven track-record in acquiring clients, growing revenue and innovating business processes. I graduated this year with a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and have completed the first year of my MBA. In my own assessment of my top five qualities, I believe that I demonstrate the following characteristics: (1) leading with vision; (2) self-motivation, drive and motivation of others; and (3) resilience.

Career journey

After matriculating in 2000, I enrolled for a LLB degree at the University of Westville. However, in 2001 tragedy hit as I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s-Lymphoma stage four cancer and had to put my studies on hold. I received one round of treatment and stopped the rest of the treatment course. Fast-forward 18 years later to the present and I am cancer-free. Nevertheless, cancer was the reason for my motivation in life and a “never-say-die” attitude.

In 2001, I was training to be a store manager in a KFC fast-food store in Durban. I had excelled in that position and got offered a more lucrative position at KZN Oils in Durban, which distributes petroleum related products. After hearing how the owner of KZN Oils started his business in a garage, the entrepreneurship juices started to flow. I then started to learn all the necessary tools required to become an entrepreneur. I even went to the extent to explore business opportunities and wanted to open up a liquor distribution company in Durban; however, I soon realised the difficulty to start was due to the strong competition from the bigger industry players and lacking access to finance.

Nevertheless, I decided to move to Johannesburg in 2010 for better opportunities. While waiting for the “city of gold” to accept me, I worked at Standard Bank as a teller. Starting my career all over again was not an issue for me as I knew I was destined for greater opportunities.

While working as a teller, I applied for a position at Webshop, which is an online distributer of corporate consumables. While working there I displayed outstanding performance as a Supply Chain Manager and was subsequently head-hunted by Cross Fire, which is a leading African fire protection company. At Cross Fire I reported directly to the MD and CEO, who were instrumental in further uplifting my business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, for which I am eternally grateful—it was truly the best company I have ever worked for.

After Cross Fire I was again head hunted by Advanced Fire, also a leading fire protection company. I reported directly to the CEO and was tasked to align the business to correct business processes and policies. I enjoyed the journey until I discovered that the CEO was involved in unsavoury practices, which I reported and then I became the most unpopular person.

Journey with Incledon

Incledon was established in 1906 and operates as a wholesaler and distributor of engineering and plumbing products to various market segments, such as civils, municipal, agricultural and plumbing. I was head-hunted by the MD of Incledon, which at the time was a subsidiary of the JSE-listed DAWN Group. This is when my career was getting the attention it needed.

I was the Projects Coordinator, second-in-charge to the Sales Director and I had learned immensely under her leadership, with regards to gaining and maintaining customers. This position naturally interfaced across Incledon and therefore gave me exposure to all aspects of the running of the business, namely estimating, sales, finance, engineering, civils, exports and wholesale.

Subsequently a new sales director joined Incledon and he wanted me to assist him with improving sales—I did just that. I achieved and exceeded budget every month. I was doing so well in sales, that I was requested to assist other divisions as well, moving on from Sales Supervisor to Business Development Manager.

I survived a Section 189 process during my tenure at Incledon as I outperformed all my team members. The DAWN Group CEO then started taking notice of my performance as I had drafted a proposal to save the business, which he then distributed to his exco team. This further increased my exposure in the broader DAWN Group.

The new MD at Incledon then asked me to assist him with the business from a supply chain perspective, resulting in my promotion to Supply Chain Manager. Within my first month we started showing a profit of R500k and the business started growing gradually, with my intervention. I saved the company approximately R20 million in that year, just by ensuring we got the best prices, extended terms, settlement discounts and driving the sales team to achieve the maximum gross profit on their sales.

The MD was impressed with my abilities and gave me more autonomy to run the business end-to-end, beyond just supply chain, and I signed off documentation and authorised approvals on his behalf. In this new Executive position, my overall exposure in the business provided me the knowledge and expertise to understand the business as a whole. I implemented new policies and processes, put forth strategies and assisted in restructuring, which pushed the business to show a sign of life again.

Then disaster began when the DAWN Group of companies started to run huge losses. The business had inherited the wrong management team, who had limited insight on how to run the businesses. This resulted in the dissolution of DAWN and the subsidiaries were sold off. Incledon was still the most profitable business in the Group, although all Incledon’ s money was channelled to the DAWN Group.

When I was aware that Inlcedon was up for sale, I got involved and put in a bid, only to realise later on that very senior management wanted to procure Incledon. In the interim they were driving the net asset value (NAV) down to buy the business at a ridiculously low price. They had a negative influence on sales, which further drove the NAV to a negative value.

Then DAWN was sold to the founder and they had approached me if I was still interested in Incledon. They mentioned that they wanted to sell to me as they believed that I was the only person that could turn the business around, with the added advantage of the company benefiting from the BBBEE level if I took over.

In this process, the new owners and myself had influence on the business. We managed to get Incledon’s CEO, CFO and HR Director to resign due to the poor management of the business. We also started to remove non-performers, realigned people to their respective key focus areas and did not replace non-key placements. We are still getting the business where it needs to be in the interim of the funding.

Once employees became aware that I was buying the business, there was positivity all around and sales increased by R6 million. I am still involved in the business, especially sales, and I am seeing the top ten customers and winning them over to procure from Incledon again. I am confident that I can get Incledon back to more than the R1 billion that they did in 2014-2015.


Work & Experience

Incledon, Germiston, South Africa (Reported to Group CEO) 02/03/2014 - 08/31/2020
Incledon PTY LTD

A significant career growth trajectory was achieved through five promotions at this JSE-listed subsidiary of the Dawn Group of Companies. Incledon is a leader in fluid conveyancing products in Africa. Key clients and approximate revenues: Eskom (R40m), Transnet (R5m), Group Five (R10m), Murray and Roberts (R20m), Exxaro (R10m), Impala Platinum (R10m), Lonmin, Tongaat Hulett, Egoli Gas, Afrox, Rand Refinery, Century Properties, Balwin Properties and Foskor to name a few. Also serviced all water boards, and majority of fire protection installation companies.