Safety Manager
December 13, 2022

About Candidate

Personal and Professional Declaration by Janine Ferreira.

·         I view myself, as a caring, optimistic, determined, reserved, compassionate perfectionist with a strong value system who are future orientated, creative, religious, and philosophical individual who are genuinely concerned with the personal growth of myself and others.

·         I have unique communication skills that equip me greatly with my strong but realistic desire to improve the world. I am dedicated and have a clear orientation.

·         I rely on my intuitive skills, vision, and confidence to develop and improve the processes.

·          I view any problem encountered as an opportunity to challenge and to improve the situation at hand creatively.

·          I adapt well to social situations.  I care about the wellbeing of others.  As a selfless understanding kind, generous and trustworthy individual I diplomatically initiate the solution to differences and establish future-oriented thinking.

·          I prefer the role of Mentor as a guide instead of the role of an Advocate.

·          I have attained a unique combination of idealism and assertiveness – this means that I creativity and by influencing the imagination and desire of other I can guide them directly to a specific team orientated beneficial goal.

·           I am strong-willed and self-reliant in and may sometimes be seen as stubborn and headstrong

·         I tend to make decisions based on my introversion. My awareness of the extraverted helps me to be fully conscious of my surroundings, living in the present moment and prioritize activities that benefit current issues, rather than simply worrying about the future.

·         I am sensitive and vulnerable to conflicts and struggle with personal criticism.

·         I am quite discreet in communicating my ideas and insights but am are oriented towards connection values and information sharing.

·         Therefore, I think deeply and consider carefully before sharing my ideas.

·         I have special talents in engaging people, integrating people’s ideas, and potential outcomes.

·         I might be described as quite tranquil, but I have strong opinions, especially when it comes to issues that I consider important in life, the main reason is that I believe in my own ideas, not for selfish reasons, but by life experiences and thoughtfulness.

·          I am driven by a deep desire to make a difference and make sense to the world, especially if this affects others.

·          I am energized by thinking through complex and profound problems and strive to come up with innovative and lasting solutions.

·         I thrive when I build deeper and meaningful relationships with acquaintances.

·         I prefer to take the time to be social on a more personal level and often feel more comfortable and at home when I know people.

·         I am motivated by my goals, habits, and organizations. When in an environment of a high level of reliability and consistency, I feel safe and confident to thrive like never before.

·         I am a master in written communication, with unique and smooth language skill, sensitively connecting with others quite easily.

·         I see myself as a good listener but won’t be easily manipulated, I will always politely listen to valuable suggestions, but I am intolerant to general chit chat


Work & Experience

Regional SHERQ Manager 2008 - 2011
Bidvest TMS

I started as a SHERQ officer with Bidvest TMS in June 2008 and where promoted to the Regional SHERQ Manager for Bidvest TMS, KZN region.


Safety Officer of the year Award 2009 Bidvest TMS 2009
Best Safety officer in Bidvest TMS