About Candidate

I am Bachelor of Commerce in Business Informatics graduate from the University of South Africa with entry level experience in project management. Possesses solid competence in data analysis, data security and IT Audit, qualitative and quantitative research.

Throughout my academic journey and professional experience, I have honed my ability to analyze complex data, gather requirements and design efficient solutions. I am proficient in implementing information systems, managing databases and utilizing tools for business intelligence. Additionally, my collaborative nature and effective skills have allowed me to thrive in cross functional teams.

Further Development and Education

Completed several courses and programs to enhance my skills and knowledge. These include Introduction to Internet of things, Data Analysis Program, McKinsey Forward Program, Information Technology Fundamentals, Cloud Security, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analysis, Power BI, TOGAF 9, and Digital Marketing. These courses demonstrate my commitment to continuous learning and staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Overall, my education and professional development showcase my dedication to building a strong foundation in IT and project management and the desire to contribute to the success of any organization I joins.



Bachelor of Commerce in Business Informatics 2022
University of South Africa

Business Informatics is a specialized undergraduate degree program that combines elements of business management and information technology (IT). It is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to effectively use technology to support and enhance business operations.

Artifical Intelligence in the 4IR 2023
University of Johannesburg

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR

Work & Experience

Project Manager 03/2019 - 01/2020

Successfully orchestrated and managed all phases of the life cycle of 2 construction projects, culminating in the successful completion of 2 residential properties. Streamlined procurement and supply chain operations by strategically ordering essential materials, tools, and equipment; optimized inventory turnover, reducing carrying costs by 20% and ensuring timely project completion. Maintained strong stakeholder relations by conducting regular communication with all stakeholders including customers ensuring their satisfaction and achieving a 65% increase in customer retention. Implemented effective quality assurance measures resulting in adherence to budget, schedule and quality control plan leading to 10% cost savings and timely project completion. Streamlined project decision making by compiling and submitting 8 test and inspection reports, 5 quality assurance reports and 3 punch lists, facilitating efficient decision-making processes and reducing project delays by 20%. Ensured full compliance with local state and national building codes, regulations and safety precautions resulting in zero safety incidents and achieving a 10% improvement in project safety ratings. Collaborated closely with 3 architects, engineers, electricians, and other specialists, fostering effective teamwork and achieving seamless coordination in the construction of 2 residential properties.