sales representative

About Candidate

Dear Sir/Madam, please find attached my cv with qualifications

I believe i am the best candidate for this job because of the following reasons:


1. I am a peoples person, I love to meet and work with them

2. I am perfectionist. I like to be sure that everything is just right and then pay attention to all the details

3. I’m a creative thinker. I have an open mind about what will work best and i like to explore alternative solutions to a problem

4. I am efficient and highly organized, this ensures that i am as productive as possible on the job

5. I enjoy solving problems, troubleshooting issues and finding solutions in a as short time as possible

6. I have access to reliable transportation


I thank you



diploma in sales management 2022
alison( online courses)

integrated knowledge of sales management in an organization which includes developing an effective sales force by properly organizing, staffing and training the sales force according to the markets and products serviced; and evaluating the sales performance of the sales force

Work & Experience

sales representative

lead generation planning a sales approach cold calling


promoting clean materials direct sales approach to customers