Software developer
R55000 / month
November 6, 1990

About Candidate

I am motivated by a desire to assist organisations in innovating, building, creating, and solving problems through the use of code. I am a self-taught polyglot developer who likes putting ideas into action.

As a full-stack software developer/engineer, I have over 3 years of professional experience.

I am well-versed in JavaScript, Java, C#, and Python. I also have experience with SQL, C++, C, and PHP, as well as working with platforms such as GCP and docker.



DataScience with Python 2020
University of Cape Town via Get Smarter

Develops practical data science and analysis skills for use in everyday business scenarios. 8-week course. Students learn about common Python libraries for DS as well as get introduced to statistics and Machine Learning. Students explore supervised learning using tree-based models and neural networks, as well as unsupervised learning using K-means and hierarchical clustering. You’ll also learn about the process of revealing more robust patterns to ensure models are useful.

Software Engineering 2019

Students learn how to code, starting with C then moving on to other languages like C++, Java, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and Assembly. Students also learn algorithms and how to create their own libraries in lower-level languages and they learn about different coding practices. The course is 2 years long and has 2, 3 month long, internships within the course. There are no lecturers or teachers so it is a Pear-To-Pear institution that allows students to learn how to learn efficiently, effectively, and under pressure.

Work & Experience


Business function testing: I am responsible for: - Writing Java Test scripts to test the functionality of different business functions within the bank using sockets - Testing the performance and response times of the business functions. API testing: - Writing Java Test scripts to test the functionality of different APIs within the bank - Testing the performance and response times of the business functions. General tasks: - Leasing with Test Analysts, Team Leads, Cobol Developers. - Help in process for planning test coverage - Help in process for planning API design


Mentoring and helping future talent in the full-stack developer field with a focus on coding and learning mindsets, Git, JQuery, JavaScript, React, Express, Node, PostgreSQL, APIs, Mocha, and Chai for testing, and using Vercel and Heroku for deployments to mention a few things. I work with students once or twice a week, depending on the course the student is enrolled in

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - CONTRACT 06/01/2020 - 03/31/2021

Enterprise Platform (React-Frontend) I was responsible for: - Adding frontend changes to the enterprise platform. - Designing and developing the UI for the digital readiness assessment. -Developing and redesigning pages and manually testing changes made. Talent Platform (React-Frontend) I was responsible for: - Designing and developing the interview scheduler. - Developing the push notification system - Testing the front-end using Jest.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER- FREELANCE 04/01/2020 - 06/30/2020

Website: -I was responsible for adding new features to the theSeeMeSave.com website, including working helping to build the dashboard, using Pandas, to analyze and visualize user activity. We used PostgreSQL as our database. Mobile App: was entirely responsible for designing and building the mobile app front-end using ReactNative. I was also responsible for building the SeeMeSaveAPI.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER- CONTRACT 02/01/2019 - 03/31/2020

HR Chatbot: I was responsible for building and maintaining a chatbot using Dialogflow. I initially built it usingReact.js for the front-end and Express.js, Node.js for making the API calls to the Dialogflow API endpoints. I later had to integrate it into our OracleApex platform. I had to figure out how to make the API calls as flexible. I used JavaScript and JWTtokens to make the call. ATC Go App (React Native): I was responsible for some refactoring, debugging, code documenting, and testing. Travel App: This is a custom in-house flight booking app I built, I used Oracle Apex and PL/SQL. The department needed a platform to capture, approve, and monitor employee international trips and projects throughout the year. This was my first Oracle Apex app. I had to figure out how to make multiple trip requests at once, send emails and Inform all their managers for approval. CICD Automation: For this automation, I used Jenkins to deploy and migrate Oracle Apex apps between environments. My responsibility was to test the migration jobs as well as to implement authentication.

Saville Consulting

Build web apps C#, .Net core, and MS SQL: - I used C# and .net to build a database importer to import an Excel spreadsheet that had validation and didn’t upload duplicate records. - Built a QR code generator app that redirected users to images on a gallery.


Winners of WTC SocialTech 2019 2019
Socialtech is the final project atWethinkcode. Itis in the form of a competition between teams of students