occupation Health and Safety Officer
September 8, 1991

About Candidate

Dear Hr Manager.


I hereby forward my Curriculum Vitae for application of safety officer post. I am confident that I have knowledge and skill to professionally fulfil the position as required by the organization. I am eager to enhance and refine my personal development within the organization and take on the challenges that lie ahead, I am a fast learner, and looking forward to learning more and gaining experience in this industry as this role will provide me with it

I will endeavour to effectively perform all my tasks as required by the organization and maintain the standard as defined by you. Given the opportunity, I will perform my duties with perseverance, dedication, and loyalty. It is my aim to make and be part of a successful team that is directly involved in making the organization a success, as I believe I have a role to play in making things a success.

I hope that my application will receive your favourable consideration and looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience.



Safety Management 2017