Brand, Data & Technology Specialist
R15000 / month

About Candidate

As the adept overseer of Calandra’s Information Technology and Computer systems, I exhibit proficient proficiency in coordinating, planning, and spearheading a spectrum of computer-related activities. With a meticulous approach, I design, develop, and effectively implement IT policies and procedures that serve as the cornerstone for seamless operations. Rigorously auditing Calandra’s IT systems, I prioritize data integrity, network access, and the reliability of backup systems, ensuring an impregnable fortress of security.

Recognizing the pivotal role technology plays in modern business, I play a crucial part in determining Calandra’s IT requirements. My aptitude for discerning IT needs ensures a cohesive technological infrastructure that keeps the enterprise ahead in a competitive landscape.

A master of brand integrity, I maintain the company’s image with unwavering dedication across diverse marketing endeavors. By deftly navigating print and online platforms, I orchestrate strategic marketing campaigns that bolster Calandra’s identity and enhance brand credibility.

Under my guidance, the metamorphosis of Calandra’s corporate image is realized through a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The company’s refreshed logo, new CI guide, revamped Business Profile, and innovative email signatures collectively create a new visual identity. Streamlining communication, I introduce new templates for PowerPoint presentations and official letterheads, reflecting a unified and professional face.

In the digital realm, I lead the charge in developing a captivating website and compelling corporate videos that encapsulate Calandra’s essence.

My engagement extends to the realm of social responsibility as a core member of Calandra’s CSI team. Contributing to community enhancement, I spearhead cleaning campaigns and champion developmental initiatives like the Cyclist Sponsorship Project, fondly known as “Team Ole.”

In a synthesis of skill and vision, I am the linchpin in Calandra’s journey towards technological excellence, fortified branding, and community impact.

Further Development and Education

Objective: Obtain an IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA™).

Action Plan: Study for the certificate by doing the course and utilizing online resources, textbooks and practice exams.



Business System Analysis Online Short Course 2021
University of Cape Town

Systems, Organizations, and Stakeholders. Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)s. Strategy Analysis, Enterprise Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Eliciting and Communicating, Requirements, Modelling Functional and Systems Architecture Requirements, Data Modelling, Facilitating Change and Innovation

BSc in IT Majoring in Computer Science & Business 2019
University of the Free State

Programming (C#), Internet Programming (HTML & CSS), Database & Database Management Systems (SQL), Computer Networks, Applied Statistics (SAS & R), Probability.

Matric 2014
Lebogang Secondary School

Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Computer Application Technology, English & Sesotho.

Work & Experience

Brand, Data & Technology Specialist 02 September 2019 - 29 March 2024
Calandra Trading 621 (Pty) Ltd

Overseeing Calandra's Information Technology and Computer systems, responsible for planning, coordinating, and leading computer-related activities. I design and implement IT policies, and determine IT needs. Additionally, I maintain brand integrity through marketing initiatives, manage campaigns, and ensure consistent application of brand elements. Notably, I led a successful rebranding effort, developed a new corporate identity, designed a website and corporate videos. I also contribute to community initiatives as part of Calandra's CSI team.

Brand & IT Consultant 01 July 2020 - 15 December 2022
Boithabiso Fitment Centre

A driving force in enhancing security and technology utilization by suggesting product offerings and upgrades. My role involves advising on software and hardware decisions, providing training, and assisting users with technical issues. I compile and update vital reports for decision-makers, while also contributing to marketing efforts through designing materials and maintaining brand identity. Additionally, I've developed a compelling company website to enhance digital presence and engagement.