Retail & Online Data & Planning Manager.
September 6, 1991

About Candidate

I am passionate about the corporate world with a focus on forecasting and analytics as I have an interest in numbers and statistics and enjoy using logic to problem solve and improve the operational workings of a company, I see myself climbing the corporate ladder into a senior management position soon.

I value continuous professional and personal development enabled by my growth mindset. My passion started early on in my career when I was given the opportunity to work for one of the biggest importers and exporters of consumer goods in South Africa when they were still relatively small and not a household name brand. I was part of the team that help them grow into a well-known brand. This has continued into my currently role at Stylco PTY LTD where I have been exposed to other aspects of the corporate world. I have been allowed the opportunity to grow with the confidence to work independently with the skills to complete any task assigned to me even if it out of my normal daily tasks.

With my variety of knowledge working at two of the top five biggest consumer electronics businesses in terms of stock holdings, container loads, retailers sold to and SKUs in stock I will be an asset to your company and have a proven track record of not only growing turnover but minimizing losses. I am looking for opportunities to add meaningful value to a company or business struggling with risk control, forecasting and analytics and would also like to do something new like procurement



BA Psychology and Criminology 2011 - 2014
UNISA and Varsity College

Subjects/focus: Child and Youth Misbehavior, Dealing with Young Offenders, Child & Adolescent Development, and Introduction to Crime Key achievements: All the above subjects were passed with a distinction with a 96% mark for Child and Youth Misbehavior and Dealing with Young Offenders

Matric 2009
King David Linksfield

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Economics, Information Technology and Life Orientation

Work & Experience

Retail & Online Data & Planning Manager. July 2017 - Currently Employed
Stylco PTY LTD

Analyze, plan, forecast, and evaluate financial data to support and implement profitable merchandise strategies. • Develop business plans for all current and opportunity tender business. • Playing an integral role in new business pitches and hold responsibility for the effective on-boarding of new clients by creating presentations of what the company had to offer and how it will benefit the retailer we were pitching to as well as their customers. • Focusing on retaining and growing existing clients, together with generating new business. • Develop seasonal merchandise plans with team to maximize opportunities and minimize risk. • Forecast and validate projections to ensure sales, gross margin and inventory objectives are being met. • Manage inventory flow of goods to support sales and product turn for a portion of a product category as assigned. • Analyze and maintain individual store inventory levels to maximize sales and profits, while working closely with teammates to coordinate the flow of information in a timely manner to deliver product against deadline. • Collaborate with merchant and planning partners to develop yearly sales, margin and product turn plans and recommend divisional and departmental sales growth to drive business strategies. • Maintain in-season product plans and forecast. Collaborate with team to execute top-down and bottom-up roles of individual SKUs and styles. • Build a collaborative team relationship with merchant and pricing counterparts. Key achievements: One of my biggest achievements at Stylco PTY LTD is growing the Takealot online account which is one of Stylco’s largest revenue accounts from selling a few SKU’s to now selling over 400 SKU’s and turning over R500 000 per week optimizing the businesses cash flow I have also mastered the reverse logistics side of the business and limited the risk of lost stock by over 300%, saving the business about R3.3 million per year owing to strict stock tracking methods I have implemented.

Key Accounts Manager March 2015 - June 2017
SMD Technologies

Playing an integral role in new business pitches and responsible for the effective on-boarding of new clients by creating presentations of what the company had to offer and how it will benefit the retailer and their customers. • Responsible for the development and achievement of sales through the direct sales channel. • Focusing on retaining and growing existing clients, together with generating new business. • Write business plans for all current and opportunity tender business. • Clients included JD Group and TFG selling consumer electronics such as earphones, headphones, power banks and laptop bags • Establish and maintain a professional relationship with clients. • Collaborate with various teams so that the customer’s expectations are met. • Continue their assessment of a client’s needs and businesses on going objectives. • Help develop initiatives to increase customer satisfaction and retention. • Assist all teams to meet financial targets and growth objectives. • Help management with company-wide strategic planning. • Upsell a company’s services and solutions. • Manage a client’s projects from beginning to end. • Take a client’s requirements and assist with plans to meet those requirements. Key achievements: One of my greatest achievements at SMD was growing the JD Group by over 1000% through new product offerings that addressed customer requirements of the JD Group. Analyzing their KVI (Key Value Item) lines and forecasting enough stock is always kept for them from China and keeping a great interpersonal relationship with the buyer and planner within a space of 14 months.

Business Development February 2015 - March 2015

Generating Leads and Obtaining New Clients I was responsible for cold calling and meeting clients daily; I was also handing out flyers to houses in the area and was offering a fee reduction incentive partnering a CSS Tactical subscription with a Fibrehood subscription Key achievements: In February 2015 the owner of CSS Tactical started a new company called Fibrehoods and I was promoted to do business development and grow the business focusing on getting new clients and retaining them Within my 1 month of working at Fibrehoods managed to sign up 250 complexes and over 2000 individual customers generating just under R1million in turn over

Tactical Intelligence February 2014 - March 2015
CSS Tactical

Crime Trends and Patterns Statistics Monitor significant changes in selected crime types within a defined geographical area and time frame. It is the measure of significant changes in an area's crime pattern over time. Crime Prevention Strategies The strategy is primarily a long-term program aimed at creating conditions in which the opportunities and motivation for crime will be reduced, as well as transforming the capacity of the criminal justice system to deal with crime. Crime Mapping and Plotting Crime mapping is used to map, visualize, and analyze crime incident patterns. It is a key component of crime analysis and policing strategies. Mapping crime allows crime analysts to identify crime hot spots, along with other trends and patterns. Key achievements: I was part of the task force team that led to the successful arrest of the original Rolex gang and their spotters who mainly operated out of the Blu Bird Shopping center and Hyde Park shopping center in Johannesburg South Africa I assisted a team in creating safe spaces and communities by doing by weekly operations in all public areas making sure there is no loitering and criminal activities going on