Safety Manager
May 31, 1974

About Candidate

I am writing in response to the advert for the Safety Manager as was advertised on line. I have notable credentials in the areas of Construction and Built Environment, Real Estate and Security Health and Safety management.

My current professional work as a Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at Mabotwane Group (Baphalaborwa 72 Construction, Bollanoto 72 Properties and Mabotwane Security Services) in Bedfordview, has provided me with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of providing training, coaching and facilitation, report writing, data gathering, investigation of incidents/accidents, presentation, conflict management, computer skills, supervisory skills, managing and supervising of a health and safety program management implemented on a variety of projects.

My work experience highlights some crucial elements of health and safety management system, I have been exposed to. These include but not limited to; developing, implementing, controlling, supervising and updating of OHS plans, programmes and procedures, attending tender briefings and site hand over meetings, preparing standard site specific safety plans and files, conducting OHS inspections and risk assessments, administration and report writing, compiling safety statistics, carrying out training needs analysis and conducting training, rehabilitation of injured employees after accidents, rehabilitation of the environment at the end of the projects, develop remedial actions, carrying out both internal safety and environmental audits for legal compliance, managing multi-contractors (subcontractors) at one go, investigating and documenting incidents/accidents, writing up of projects’ health and safety close-up reports,  supervising and working with safety equipment for work at heights and construction vehicles/mobile plant, interacting with Department of Labour and Employment officials (Notification of Construction Work and Accidents/Incidents notification), takes part in the Application for Construction Work, PPE & C procurement and distribution, ensuring full regulatory compliance to support corporate safety initiatives amongst the most crucial ones.

I have got good knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993), Construction Regulations (2014) and basic knowledge of Mine Health and Safety Act (1996).

In addition to the above, I possess a keen ability to develop and enforce codes of good practices, safety policies and procedures while demonstrating a talent for forging strong relationships with clients, team members, contractors and top management across all levels.

I also appreciate HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and to participate in community development projects especially in rural areas, townships and engaging with the youth. I have no reservations in relocating. I also enjoy travelling.

I have good interpersonal communication skills which helps me to be a better leader who can effectively inspire and influence in order to get the best out of any team I will be part of. This enables me to build strong bonds with both those at my top and my subordinates. My communication skills help me to instil positive attitudes into my subordinates in order for them to gradually accept change, resolve conflicts, grow and develop into better performing individuals.

My background as both a Lecturer and Educator gives me an edge in terms of training and coaching.

I appreciate your time and look forward to hear from you soon. I am prepared to attend for an interview at your convenience.

Yours Faithfully,

Munyaradzi Kunyavapa




National Diploma in Safety Management 2018

Completed the diploma

Bachelor of Science Honours in Geography and Environmental Studies 2010
Zimbabwe Open University

Completed the Honours Degree


Completed the certificate

Work & Experience

Safety, Health and Environmental Officer (SHE Officer) 2012-03-05 - 2012-12-31
Intellec Construction (Pvt) Ltd

• Consistently identifying and controlling of health and safety hazards and mitigating the risks on site. • Reduce the potential for accidents; aid in legislative compliance and improve the company’s overall production performance • Inducting new personnel including visitors and client’s personnel. • Helped with the inspections of Construction Moveable Plant and Vehicles • Involved in inspections and assisting in conducting both internal and external audits both in OHS and Environmental issues. • Writing weekly and monthly OHS reports on site • Conducting toolbox talks on site • Carrying out Issue-based risk assessments and planned task observations • Conducting environmental training and awareness • Ordering and issuing PPE & C and keeping issuing records • Carrying out incident/accident investigations and reporting • Conducting after construction environmental rehabilitation • Checking non-conformances and issuing NCRs • Writing and implementing corrective and preventive actions • Ensuring EMP compliance and pollution prevention • Promoted waste minimization and good housekeeping • Monitoring environmental impacts, degradation and putting mitigation measures in place • Accompanying clients and Department of Labour inspectors during site inspections • Carrying out HIV/AIDS awareness • Attending SHEQ & Progress meetings • Co-coordinating monthly safety meetings • Keeping abreast of applicable legislation and technical knowledge • Responsible for the erection and monitoring of road signage for traffic accommodation. • Involved in the setting up and structuring of SHE Committees and attending SHE Committee meetings • Prevention and monitoring of soil and water bodies pollution by dripping oils and fuel from moveable plant

SHE Officer
WKSA Construction (Pvt) Ltd

Same as of Intellec Construction (Pvt) Ltd

SHE Officer
Baphalaborwa 72 Construction

Same as of Intellec Construction (Pvt) Ltd

Health, Safety and Environmental Manager
Mabotwane Group (Baphalaborwa Projects, Mabotwane Security and Bollanoto 72 Properties)

• Attending tender briefing sessions for both Baphalaborwa 72 Construction and Mabotwane Security Services (Part of Mabotwane Group); • Preparing OHS plans for tendering for both Baphalaborwa 72 Construction and Mabotwane Security Services; • Notifying the Provincial Directors of the Department of Labour and Employment of the intention of starting Construction Projects (Notification of Construction Work) and help in the application for a Construction Work Permit on behalf of the Principal Contractor; • Leading the implementation, management, monitoring and controlling of the company’s SHE Management system on all projects; • Ensuring that SHE specifications, conditions of the Environmental Authorization (EA) where applicable and Construction Work Permit (CWP) are implemented; • Preparing safety files and SHE corrective actions for Mabotwane Group of Companies; • Revising and updating SHEQ policies and rules; • Conducting Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment on all projects; • Developing, leading in the implementation and monitoring of Health and Safety training programmes (including accident prevention awareness) for employees, management and visitors in order to reduce injuries and incidents/accidents; • Managing and ensuring availability of budget to meet the organisational objects within the construction environment; • Leading in carrying out incident/accident investigations and reporting; • Preparing and presenting monthly SHE reports and SHE topics that provide workplace injury statistics, new initiatives and system changes; • Keep abreast of legislative changes and best practice methods; • Provide accurate and timely advice to Managers on prevailing SHE issues; • Actively participate in formal and informal communication to increase and enhance the understanding and awareness of SHE issues; • Managing multiple sub-contractors including preparing OHS Specifications for them; • Leading and evaluating all subcontractor Safety; Health and Environmental performances; • Assisting in the management and maintenance of the large and diverse fleet of moveable plant and vehicles; • Advising management on legal and safety rules, compliance and best practices; • Communicating with injured employees, their management and medical providers to ensure that all parties are aware of rights, responsibilities and recovery plans; • Management and training of all SHE personnel; • Continuously reviewing work practices and recommend ways in which processes and systems can be improved; • Carrying out both Health & Safety and Environmental internal audits and submit reports to the Contracts Director; • Conducting regular workplace inspections across various construction and security sites. It also includes farm inspections; • Develop memos, letters alike to communicate and reinforce specific SHE issues with key stakeholders (Clients, Management, SHE Officers, SHE Representatives and the general workforce); • Assisting/managing SHE Awareness programs in order to reduce and eliminate unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, injuries, illnesses, environmental damage, including COVID-19 Pandemic, HIV/AIDS and Silly Season awareness etc. or any other initiative established by the Client or Chief Operations/Contracts Manager. These include training, presentations, amongst others; • Reviewing the client’s requirements and incorporating these requirements into our currently used SHE Management System to be site specific for all new projects and the SHE Management System to be ready for use before the project commences; • Spending the majority of my working hours (±70%) on project sites providing support and guidance; • Ensuring the rolling out of Zero Harm through effective Leadership; • Assisting with maintaining ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification where applicable; • Assisting with the implementation, maintenance and internal auditing of ISO 9001 under Mabotwane Security Services; • Assisting with environmental monitoring (water, waste, air) and waste management on sites; • Recruiting, placing and coaching of SHE Officers; • Introducing new projects to Chiefs, community leaders, communities and other stakeholders; • Guiding on the formulation and functioning on OHS Committees and; • Overseeing the security, health and safety on all construction sites during the December Builders’ Break.