SQL Warehouse Developer
May 2, 1983

About Candidate

I enjoy working within a team where I can impart my knowledge and learn from others as well. I am keen on learning and understanding new technologies in the BI industry.

I enjoy working with BI tools such SSIS, SSRS and SQL server. Also, I would like to dive into PowerBI and SQL Azure where I can grow within a large or small team where we can come up with new innovative ideas and have fun every now and then. I don’t mind working in any type of industry.

I am comfortable working flexible hours where I can apply my knowledge, trusted and commit myself to each project to the best of my ability.



Matric 2004
Rand Tutorial College

English Afrikaans Mathematics Physical Science Biology Geography

IT Programming - First Year 2005 - 2006
College Campus

Computer Literacy, Word Processing, Presentation Graphics, Business Practise & Entrepreneurship, Computer Architecture (A+), Data Base Introduction, Spreadsheets, Data Base Advance, Networking (N+), Help Desk, Internet & E-Mail, Business Communication, Web Development1 And Introduction To Programming (Vb 6.0)

IT Programming Second Year 2006 - 2007
College Campus

Plad (Programming Logic And Design), Sad (System Analysis And Design), Developing Windows Applications With Vb.Net, Developing Web Applications With Vb.Net, Programming With .Net, Database Design With Sql Server 2000, Project Management And Practical Project (Final Year Project)

Work & Experience

SQL Developer 21 July 2008 - 5 September 2014
EI Holdings

This was one first job as sql developer at EI Holding where I worked onsite and off-site. This required me fetch backups from clients and load it into our SSIS data warehouse to developer SSRS reports. Projects: Embedded reports into SharePoint : I was involved in developing SSRS reports, deploying into the report server and embed reports onto clients SharePoint site. Merge excel data with existing sql data : I developed a SSIS project where multiple excel data sheets could be merge with the client’s existing database by loading the excel files into a dump tables and merge them with the existing tables in the database. Roles responsibilities: As part of my daily tasks, I was responsible for report maintenance on share point, SSIS integrity checks, sql script checks, performance check and sql support. I was responsible for loading (SSIS) client's data, doing data integrity checks to ensure that the data was clean. SSRS development SharePoint HTML5 development SSIS development Reason for leaving: There was no growth in the company

BI Developer 8 September 2014 - 30 April 2015
Camelsa Consulting Group

I was in a fast pace fun- loving team as a BI developer at Camelsa Consulting Group. Projects: EXCO Analysis Dashboard : Executive Committee Analysis Dashboard – These are Pivot Table driven reports that analysis company revenue and costs by country by region by company by project by contract/job by division and by cost center Income statement report: This report was a SSRS report where it shows the different accounts, comparing the current and previous month. Also it had a balance check to ensure that the amounts agree. Balance Sheet report: This SSRS report was comparing current and previous, quarter on quarter and comparing 5 year trend for that client. Roles and responsibilities : We to fly to each every municipality service the client, present to the client, and do a sign-off. Do daily meetings as a team and providing feedback on each project. Backups SQL development SSRS reports SQL support Advanced Excel (macros) Reason for leaving: They wanted to move me to pastel support.

BI Developer 1 May 2015 - 30 November 2015
Stock Analysis - Freelancer

I was a freelancer on a contract project for a private client for seven months as a BI developer. Project : Stock Analysis report : This SSRS report consists of the client’s balance sheet and income statement that compared current and previous month, compared quarter on quarter and the last three years. Roles and responsibilities : Daily meetings with client and providing feedback on the project. SQL development SQL support Data integrity Reason for leaving: End of project

BI Developer 4 January 2016 - 1 December 2016
BEE Report - Freelancer

I was a freelancer on a contract project for a private client for twelve months as a BI developer. Project : BEE report : is a SSRS report that consists of one company with other sites that have a current BBE status, previous BEE status and sites that don’t have a BEE status. Roles and Responsibilities : I was responsible for documentation and the report spec. Daily meetings with client, providing feedback and making changes to the report This report was scheduled and sent to each site manager on a weekly basis Data integrity checks Report performance SQL support Reason for leaving: End of project

BI Report Developer 9 January 2017 - 20 March 2017

I was on a contract with Datacentrix for three months where I was involved in a small hard-working team as an intermediate BI developer. Project : Omac project: We were tasked to create an automated SSIS project where it can load multiple excel sheets from different client sites and loading it into the database that the business can report on. Roles and responsibilities : Daily scrum meetings (Providing feedback to the team on how far are we with the project) I was responsible for preparing the data and making sure that it was clean. SSRS and PowerBI development SSIS development Reason for leaving: End of project

BI Developer 21 March 2017 - 14 October 2020
ICAS South Africa

I was part of interesting small team as an intermediate BI developer at ICAS South Africa. Projects : Report server backup: is a SSIS project that backups the report rdl files and rds file connections and was scheduled to run on a weekly basis. Data integrity report : is a SSRS report that compared the number of employees, companies that have different sites from different data sources. Downgrading SSIS Project (CRM Data): I was tasked to develop a SSIS project that extracts data CRM data load it into their data warehouse for our Botswana branch. I also had to downgrade the whole SSIS project from 2017 to 2010 using notepad++ (xml coding) so that the project is compatible with their SSIS version. Detailed employee report: is a SSRS report that pulls from several of stored procedures that ran in the backend and compared the current and previous period per employee who took leave. Also, it allowed you to select the different types periods (month, quarterly, annual, biannual and custom), select a start date and auto populates the end date, previous start date and previous end date. Role and responsibilities : SQL support Development (SSIS/SQL/SSRS) Loading new clients into our data warehouse on a monthly basis Data Integrity checks Loading excel employee data so that the business can report on it Weekly backups Reason for leaving: Retrenchment

SQL Server Developer 1 December 2020 - 30 July 2021
Wipro SA Technologies

I was part of a small exciting team as an intermediate/lead sql developer lead at Wipro SA Technologies. Project maintenance : Maintaining and updating current sql server stored procedures and maintaining and developing power bi reports for a government department. Role and responsibilities: I was responsible for maintaining the current power bi reports, giving report access to specific users in that department. Managing other developers and offering assistance if required. I also did a bit of power bi dax on some of the reports. SQL support Power bi admin Reason for leaving: I will be retrenched on the 30th July 2021.

SQL Warehouse Developer 30 August 2021 - Current
Edge Consulting

I was an exciting team as an intermediate sql warehouse developer at Momentum in Centurion. Project maintenance : Maintaining and updating current sql server stored procedures, views sql job, SSIS packages, SSRS reports and master data services. developing power bi reports, documenting and updating current documentation for each project. Role and responsibilities: I was responsible for maintaining the current SSRS reports, giving report access to specific users in that department. Developing new projects using BIMLFLEX for warehouse data automation. Power BI report development for individual users for personal use. SQL support Reason for leaving: I need growth, pursue new opportunities in Power BI and Bimlflex