Data Analyst | Researcher | Insights
November 5, 1992

About Candidate

A data analyst and research enthusiast. I have plus 5 years industry experience within the data analytics, research, management consulting and advisory space. I have been exposed to both quantitative and qualitative research spheres. My ability lies within crunching numbers and presenting findings for management to make informed decisions. I utilize industry accepted artificial intelligence tools to build quantitative models. I am dedicated, willing to learn and highly professional individual. I strive for perfection. My strength is on my abilities to solve problems.  I have a strong quantitative background which makes me successful in my roles.



PhD 2023
University of the Witwatersrand

A thesis on Artificial Intelligence and marketing. Title: The development of an artificial intelligence adoption framework for food retail marketing industry in South Africa.

Masters in Economics 2019
Vistula University

Econometrics, Data Science (R), Economic Forecasting, Business Economics, Mathematical Economics, Macroeconomics, Financial Markets, Statistics, Managerial Economics. Thesis Title: Verification of Bloom’s hypothesis on counter- cyclicality between uncertainty and economic growth

Bachelor of Commerce Honors in Risk Management and Insurance 2016
National University of Science and technology

Focused on risk management principles, risk assessment, mitigation, calculations, and overall business analytics.

Work & Experience

Data Analyst 03 MAY 2022 - CURRENT

Duties: Data analytics, research, and reporting. Create reports, whitepaper analysis, presentations, and infographics. • Using both primary and secondary sources, to meet analytics schedules established in conjunction with more senior staff. • Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional data analysis methods. • Strategic planning on deliverables. • Develop and evaluate data collection methods, analysis and interpretation procedures such as database research, existent platforms, and other web-based . • Reporting and presentation of data findings. • Stakeholder engagement, advisory and consulting.

Research Assistant 06 April 2021 - 30 April 2022
University of the Witwatersrand

• Involved in Quantitative and Qualitative research within the WBS center. • Data analysis on papers and journals. • Supervise undergraduate students working on the research project on data analysis and results interpretation. • Research on current trends and report writing. • Assist with data collection, analysis for senior researcher and preparing advanced models such as Structural Equation Modelling, CFA and EFA. • Maintaining records on data analysis tasks completion, acting mediator between the juniors and the faculty researchers. • Field research and data collection.

Market research analyst 03 June 2019 - 31 December 2020
Star Sign and Print Media

• Contributing to the delivery of marketing projects through market research and documenting clients’ requirements, considering all stakeholders’ interest and data mining. • Performing basic descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics on stakeholder’s data for actionable insights. • Analysis customer trends, purchasing behavior and taste detection. • Customer experience and User assessment through data quantification. • Market research using quantitative and qualitative means. • Design, develop and test evaluation methodologies using analytics tools like Python, R and Excel. • Building dashboards for continued reporting and assessments. • Monitor and evaluate the strategies implemented. • Conduct valid and reliable SWOT analyses on the market. • Remain fully informed about market trends, third-party research, and implement best practices.

Junior Data Analyst 7 April 2017 - 27 February 2019
Sitel Group

• Conducting primary and secondary research. • Data mining, cleaning, and preparation. • Data analysis, results preparation, and reporting. • Working with subject matter experts to develop first- principal models of brand activities. • Using these models to optimize decision making • Identifying opportunities for using the latest AI/ML techniques, services, and libraries to solve for customer -needs. • Experiment with new tools and technologies to produce effective solutions to user needs.