Human Resource Management Graduate
September 26, 1997

About Candidate

My name is Neo Bojosi.

I am writing about an available position at hand. I do have experience in office administration and Human Resources as a qualification .

The two week internship program which I completed during my final year, I was given clerical duties , maintaining records ,delivering deadlines on time, effective communication with my co-workers and interpersonal skills was and it is still necessary as it relates to a specific job.

I am selfless person and passionate about helping people to become the best version of themselves. This position available will help me to navigate my core skills and reach new greater heights.

I can contribute to this company in many ways because I do have the skills, knowledge and dedication to help discover talent. Communication is a vital in the workplace .

I am applying for a vacancy  because I want to be involved in something more substantial than myself and I do want to make a difference.

I would really  appreciate the opportunity at hand and my resume.

Thank You in advance.
I look forward to speaking with you.

Neo Bojosi




Diploma in Human Resources Management 2020
Boston City Campus and Business College

Fresh Gradaute of Human Resources Management.

Matriculation Certificate 2015
Hoerskool Coligny

Matriculation Certificate.