Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Global Commodities Director, Purchasing Manager, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Procurement Manager. Production Manager, Facilities Manager
March 2, 1970

About Candidate

I am a trained SUPPLY CHAIN Leader, who started On-the-job training (OJT) and an Operations Strategist, with an impeccable rich professional experience of 26 years in the Supply Chain sphere. I am an individual who believes and practice professionals business transformation with true purpose and ensures that effective transformational growth is attained in a society which has a history of imbalances and disadvantaged persons.

I have served with excellence in various portfolios (both Government {State owned enterprise} SOE and Private sector) and held various leadership positions including heading Supply Chain Departments and divisions. In my serving, I had, had no findings against me/team and my reputations is intact. I am now in corporate world and held leadership positions for 13 years in Information Technology Infrastructure and in Construction sector. My deep exposure around SCM has helped me to practice Leadership Qualities, strengthening Value System, and establishing framework for Uniform way of Working to deliver Excellence and Customer Delight.

I am the purpose, to “Connect to transform the life cycles” to work on basics of propelling employees to know their worth, purpose and contribution at work. This methodology of coaching ensures good working environment and human capital which is mindful of their contribution for set goals.

I work with Conglomerates/ companies/ governments and SMMEs to improve the lifecycle by aligning the purpose and the execution chain, through professionalism, Mentoring and Consulting interventions, to mitigate the challenges and deliver the value to the customer.

I am passionate about motivating the young and aspirants to practice 360-degree wellbeing, as an individual and a professional, and connect the dots between Purpose-Dream-Strategy-Goal-Schedule, towards leading a meaningful life and making a difference to the society. I am strongly connected to my commitment to say that “Table a logical challenge, and I shall partner with you to guarantee you the solution”. I enjoy connecting lives within the framework of Purpose, Passion, Wisdom, Commitment, consistency and Leadership and make a difference.

I believe that “Life is the only and the best teacher and we all are students. It is a journey to be experienced. At every crossroad, our knowledge, wisdom, karma, values, principle guides us to a direction with a belief, that road ahead shall meet our purpose one day. And every experience en route comes to take us to the next level of our development. So, enjoy the lessons and appreciate wherever you are in your journey.

NB: I speak All South African Languages



Post Graduate Diploma in Management 1999-2000
Wits Business School

Post Graduate Diploma in Management is aimed at giving the student, a broad understanding of the world of business, providing you with information that you can leverage for rapid career and personal growth. Candidates learn the principles of strategy in which they gain an understanding of thinking approaches and actions that allow for the creation and execution of strategic change in an organization. Modules: Strategy Digital Business Introduction to Finance Management and Financial Accounting Marketing Essential Business skills Project management Business Law Entrepreneurship People Management Including labour

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration 1994-1996
University of the Western Cape

Candidates will study the foundational concepts of finance and introduces candidates to major technology trends facing organisations. Creating and disseminating theoretical and practical knowledge and skills which translate into the steps in the development of a marketing plan, an understanding of the environment in which the marketing function operates and the role of marketing management. The course develops skills that are pivotal to further business studies and business practice, namely business communication and quantitative analysis skills. Skills development areas of expertise include critical communication skills; quantitative skills; integrating statistics into business analysis skills.

Work & Experience

Supply Chain Supervisor; Transformation 01/08/2019 - Still employed with them

I am a Health Check and diagnosis Practitioner who Develop organizational effectiveness in collaboration with extended teams to provide process design capabilities, tools, methods, operational excellence practices and trainings across the organization. The key focus will be the project management of the various workstreams across Forecasting, Demand Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Product and Services development, Procurement and Purchasing, Distribution, Inventory control, Materials Management, Quality control, MPS, Production Scheduling and Logistics. Tackle legacy system challenges with a roadmap to supply chain digitization Invest in technology upgrade for a more flexible supply chain (Enterprise solutions. ERP systems. Mainframe systems. Web-based applications). Having a proficient supply chain operation is integral in business success. The faster and more cost-effective you can make your supply chain, the better the business result.


Employee of the Year Awards. 2004
It's often awarded on an annual basis, this isn't a hard and fast rule. It was an award of excellent service and achievement to mark my exceptional work, contribution, behaviour and success.
Employee Leadership Awards. 2013
This award recognizes my style of character, in my role within the organization, demonstrate an aptitude for and commitment to professional growth and provide leadership within their team that is impactful, effective, motivational, and consistent