Junior Site Engineer
June 12, 1993

About Candidate

I am a Civil Engineer with over 4 years of experience in managing different phases of civil engineering projects, I hold a B.Tech in Civil Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management. I am registered as a Candidate Engineering Technician with the Engineering Council of South Africa (CESA). I am a detail-oriented and highly organized individual who works hard to ensure that I deliver outstanding results. Additionally, I am an exceptional communicator who is able to build and maintain working relationships within the working environment. The experience I have gained over the years has shaped me to have a strong work ethic, be more patient and most importantly resilient in dealing with the complex work challenges. I believe that my technical expertise sets me apart, as it presents me with a well-rounded overview of my work and therefore gives me a better competitive edge in the market.



Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management 2021

Advanced Project Management Project Scope and Scheduling Project Risk Management Project Resource and Procurement Management Project Stakeholder and Communication Project Financial Management Project Quality Management Project Applied Technology

BTech: Engineering: Civil (Water) 2019
University of Johannesburg

Hydraulics IV Water Treatment Technology IV Wastewater Treatment Technology IV Hydrology IV Concrete Technology IV Reticulation Design and Management IV Contracts Management IV Human Resource Management: Civil 4 Project Management 4

National Diploma in Civil Engineering 2016
Central University of Technology

Water Engineering Transportation Engineering Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering

Work & Experience

Junior Site Engineer 2022-02-16 - 2022-04-29
Murray and Dickson Construction Group

Duties and Responsibilities: ▪ Update the Quality Control Plan (QCP) on a monthly basis. ▪ Compile and submit a weekly progress report. ▪ Compile method statements for each activity on site. ▪ Compile and submit the site diary on a daily basis. ▪ Assisting in keeping all site records neat and up to date. ▪ Responsible for quality on site. ▪ Responsible for safety on site.

Assistant Resident Engineer
Zimile Consulting Engineers

Duties and Responsibilities: ▪ Assist with ensuring that the Contractor’s work meets all the technical requirements as per the drawings. ▪ Adhere to specifications and perform control testing as and when required. ▪ Enforce quality and performance by ensuring that the Contractor undertakes regular quality control tests. ▪ Fill in the daily site diary for approval by Resident Engineer. ▪ Assist the Resident Engineer with any other tasks that may be required. ▪ Be present at all quality testing activities to record and report on processes followed, as well as test results.

Civil Technician
Lucazi Civil CC

Duties and Responsibilities: ▪ Request quotations from suppliers and create purchase orders for materials and equipment required on site. ▪ Compile weekly progress reports and submit for approval. ▪ Project Finance: generate and compile invoices for work done on site. ▪ Monitoring and reporting on project progress. ▪ Perform quality control and safety checks on site. ▪ Water infrastructure maintenance.

Aurecon (Bloemfontein)

Duties and Responsibilities: ▪ Write invoice cover letters for payment purposes and deliver the letters to various Clients for different projects. ▪ Amend errors and edit technical drawings and submit for approval. ▪ Attend office/site meetings and record minutes. ▪ Administration, scanning and archiving project documents.