About Candidate

1. Dynamic and results-focused individual with strong organizational, coordinating and leadership skills.
2. Ability to work effectively in high-stress, time-sensitive and high-profile environments.
3. Good communication, interpersonal relationship, decision making, supervisory and creative critical
thinking skills.
4. Initiative-taking leader with a passion to deliver high quality results.
5. Experienced in assessing and mitigation of Risks
6. Wide range of experience in production, planning, and day-to-day operations in various sectors of
the industry.
7. Experienced Senior Project Manager with ability to meet tight deadlines, drive business opportunities
and work well in team-based environments.
8. Engaging and personable to manage key milestones and deliver exemplary customer service.
9. Talented Senior Project Manager with excellent client oversight and issue resolution talents.
10. Highly effective overseeing multiple tasks and employees at once.
11. Dedicated to detail-oriented leadership and goal-oriented planning.
12. Experienced in the FinTech with top-notch implementation and project management abilities.
13. Highly organized, methodical, and skilled at overseeing daily milestones across high-performance
14. Well-versed in E-Commerce Payment Solutions integration, planning and deployment.
16. Well-versed in project risks, mitigation strategies and customer engagement techniques.
17. Concise and decisive communicator with organizational, multitasking and project management
18.In depth understanding of SOC, NOC, Data Lakes, and Warehousing
19. Professional Project Management Specialist with experience working with teams to accomplish
short- and long-term project goals.
19. Managed budgets and monitored project costs.
20. Dedicated FinTech professional with history of meeting company goals utilizing consistent and
organized practices.
21. Skilled in working under pressure and adapting to new situations and challenges to best enhance
the organizational brand.
22. Experienced ICT Project Manager with over 12 years of experience in FinTech Industry.
23. Excellent reputation for resolving problems and improving customer satisfaction.
24. Organized and dependable candidate successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive
25. Willingness to take on added responsibilities to meet team goals.
26. Skilled in the delivery of Data Centre creation and Infrastructure Maintenance and Development Projects. Experienced with top-notch implementation and project management abilities.

Further Development and Education

Change Control Practitioner
BCom Degree



CAPM 2018
BCom General 2021
Regency School of Business

Work & Experience

Senior ICT Project Manager 29/10/2010 - 31/03/2023

Senior ICT Project Manager ALTRON-SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER ALTRON, Johannesburg, GP • Years of experience in the Payment Card Industry in various divisions • Completed successful technical writing on Cen App systems and Project assisted in P2PE compliance of this industry • Successfully completed various projects as Project Manager relating to Mobile application system development, SOC, Vulnerability Management and MDM integration and installation • Successfully transitioned large Listed company transition of total Infrastructure (including but not limited to Security, SOC,NOC, Network, APN, Service desk, End-user support, and all SAP applications) in hugely constrained timeline within the timeline, budget, and scope • Successfully implemented POPIA(GDPR) into the Fintech Division of ALTRON for 3 Op Co's- Listed company • 8 months project • Project lead for PCI DSS audit for 2020 and 2021 within FinTech division of Card Payment division • Passed audit without penalty • Wide knowledge of implementation and integration of cross-system FinTech developments Skills • Project manager supervision • Project forecasting • Effective project management • Project -Level Hardware Planning • Special projects • Excellent managerial techniques • Project oversight • Project planning and development • Project regulations • Project creation • Managing multiple projects • Project records • Project development and life cycle • Managerial skills • Project monitoring • On time project delivery • Implementation of Medical Management solutions throughout Africa • Developing of Micro - lending Management solutions throughout Africa • Various projects involving migration, integration, and upgrading of Postilion Hosting servers, transactional switching servers and Data Centre management • Migration of 361 users onto new user OS within four months, including cloud-based integrations, remote working connectivity and server sharing and optimization. • Directed changes to project scope and cost and implemented appropriate change management processes to keep project on track • Developed project plans and managed project scope using methodologies to guide projects from conceptualization to implementation and maintenance • Developed and led multi-disciplinary team to redefine problems and reach solutions based on different perspectives • Maintained tactical control of project budgets and timelines to keep teams on task and achieve schedule targets • Worked with third -party vendors to streamline appropriate processes for product storage, transportation, and disposal • Updated customers and senior leaders on progress and roadblocks • Collaborated with business users, technical teams, database administrators and testing teams during kickoff meetings, joint application designing and planning sessions to validate requirements • Partnered with project team members to identify and quickly address problems • Oversaw internal and external projects by reviewing activities, maximizing efficiency, and increasing collaboration and communication transparency • Maintained schedules to meet key milestones at every project phase • Managed design and manufacturing teams to build proprietary process equipment within aggressive cost and time constraints • Gathered project requirements through interactions, meetings, and walkthroughs with potential application users and developed business requirements documents (BRD), functional requirements documents (FRD) and user mock-ups • Directed changes to project scope and cost and implement appropriate change management processes to keep project on track. • Developed project plans and managed project scope using methodologies to guide projects from conceptualization to implementation and maintenance. • Recorded all project costs and expenses and aligned with project budget • Monitored contracts and service level agreements to identify potential risks and implement mitigation actions to protect development process from unforeseen delays and costs • Kept projects on schedule and within budget while serving as project leader • Prioritized resumes based on strengths,experience and personal qualities needed to balance team makeup • Formulated integration system process flows, business process model and notation (BPMN) plans, and data mapping diagrams based on stakeholders' specifications, technology surveys, and interviews • Outlined work plans, determined resources, wrote timelines, and generated budgets as part of project scope determination • Provided outstanding service to clients through effective communication and prompt issue resolution to facilitate future business opportunities • Communicated project plans and progress to key stakeholders and project contributors • Finalized project financial records while collaborating with financial controllers and executive

IT Project Manager 02/04/2023 - Current

ICT Project Manager