March 2, 1993

About Candidate

A enthusiastic, energetic and hardworking Performance Analyst in Investment Consulting, who has a successful and consistent track record of achieving high deliverables for clients. Meticulous researcher, analyst, strategic thinker. Proactive with a focus on solutions. Possessing extensive knowledge of global and local financial markets, including a wide variety of industries and sectors with a solid understanding of Regulation. For my own personal growth, I have enrolled at Udemy for SQL – MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. I look forward in pursuing Masters in Finance part-time in the medium to short-term.

I have excellent communication skills that allow me to explain the investments to the clients in a way that they can understand. This way, the clients know exactly what the risks are and what they are agreeing to when they make an investment, so there are no misunderstandings later. I have excellent analytical skills and the ability to pay close attention to details. This is very important when making investments because sometimes, the smallest things can be a clue as to how well the investment may go. I also have outstanding decision-making skills and the ability to advise the clients of when an investment is a good idea and when it would be better to walk away. I currently work as an analyst on pension funds, trusts, and medical aid funds, jointly their AUM is around R 7 billion.



Bcom Honours in Financial Management 2022

This qualification has as the primary purpose of providing a well-rounded focused education that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory and methodology of finance, investments, banking and financial institutions management, as well as risk finance, insurance, and research methodology that enables them to demonstrate initiative and responsibility in an academic or professional context. Principles, theory and application are emphasised as a basis for promotion by graduates in their place of work, or professional training, for example in order to eventually be awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. The qualification will further prepare students to advance to the Masters degree as they will be required to complete a module on conducting and reporting on research in Financial Management.

Work & Experience

Analyst 01/01/2019
Selekane Asset Consultants

 Maintenance of asset manager database by collating and uploading manager performances and portfolio data.  Analyzing industry trends.  Uploading and maintenance of IRESS market data monthly.  Data quality assurance (Data verification), through performing semi-annually verification of performance numbers from asset managers and making sure that those numbers are in line with our database.  Compiling and ensuring accuracy of the clients’ monthly and quarterly investment reports.  Compiling and checking all medical and pension funds compliance reports.  Making sure the data is clean, accurate and available for any analysis all the time.  Assist in quantitative and qualitative analysis of asset managers.’  Attending asset manager meetings and due diligence visits.  Writing asset manager meeting notes.  Ensuring that all performance analysis is put together, ranked and classified accordingly and available for internal manager survey.  Attending client meetings with Consultants where necessary.  Produce economic and market reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  Assist in formulation, review and monitoring of portfolio strategies for clients.  Compliance report on a quarterly and annual basis.