FNO Liasion / Service delivery manager
R20929 / year
November 23, 1993

About Candidate


I am an enthusiastic individual that is motivated by receiving results and highly driven by overcoming new challenges set out for me. I have a strong sense of personal worth and have the ability to grow and lead a team successfully. I am passionate about working with people and inspired to work together as a team and to achieve goals set out for us.  I strive to constantly grow and learn more about the field I am working in as well as grow the team I am working with as individuals and as team members. I am highly ambitious and strive to complete the goals set out for me. I am a loyal person that believes in honesty in all areas of my life, both work and personal. I approach each business challenge in an organised and methodical manner.



Graduated High School with Bachelors 2011
Northcliff High School

Work & Experience

FNO Liasion/ Service delivery Manager 06/01/2017