Executive Assistant
January 23, 1999

About Candidate



Advanced Diploma in Business and information management 2021
Durban university of technology

Advanced diploma is equivalent to a degree qualification. My focus modules were business principles and management, and project management. I have a great interest of developing my entrepreneurial skills, hence the course offers those skills to better manage the business. I am looking for corporate experience and would like to grow in the corporate world under supervision of great leaders.

Work & Experience

Clerk Assistant 01-11-2020 - 30-08-2022
Daniel Mzamo Special School

I performed administration duties such as learner admission, day-day resource management and doing school report templates for teachers . I was also subjected to assisting in the classroom on days where there was less to assist on in the office, where I escorted kids to the kitchen for their lunch meals, to the toilet and also supervise them during break time as they live with a variety of disabilities and need supervision at all costs. I also took part in cooking for matriculants during the matric intervention program during winter and spring holidays.

Volunteer public officer 01-04-2022 - current
Monkanka Construction

I perform administrative and marketing duties such as scouting for work opportunities, advertising their services. I do company registration and ask for assistance for further registrations such as tax filing in SARS. I also take part in making sales since the business also sells pork meat in the community.