Industrial Engineer
October 1, 2022

About Candidate

I am an experienced Analyst with a passion for process and system optimisation. I am goal-orientated and eagerly take on any challenge I am faced with in life. Through my studies as an Industrial Engineer, I actively learnt and embraced the principle of continuous improvement. I always apply logic in analysing opportunities and approach challenges methodically. During my gap year I developed the ability to adapt easily to different environments, while exploring new countries and always being on the lookout to serve communities. I take pride in having great interpersonal and leadership skills and I thrive when working in teams. I always conduct myself with the highest level of integrity and I strongly believe that I can form a proactive role as part of a team.



Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering 2019
University of Stellenbosch

4th year Subjects: Operations Research, Enterprise Design, Simulation, Quality Management, Information Systems, Industrial Ergonomics, Manufacturing Systems, Project Management, Industrial Practice, Industrial Project, Environmental Engineering.

High School 2015
Helpmekaar Kollege

Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting, Life Orientation, Passed matric with 7 distinctions and obtained an average above 85%.

Work & Experience

Business Analyst
Excellerate Property Services

Effective application of Agile & Lean methodologies in project management, execution and evaluation Optimization of employee life cycle management practices Analyses applied to the implementation of cost saving measures Detailed process mapping to effectively communicate project requirements to all stakeholders Verifying the accuracy and consistency of data in systems to ensure reliable reporting and efficient service delivery

Laboh Gas

Analyses of customer invoices, accounts and transactions using Sage Pastel The design of an integrated, transaction management system Improving the flow and automation of business processes and systems to enhance productivity and service delivery standards

Fuel Management Africa

Transaction trend analyses Implementation of a business process organisation system Site visits to assist with training of system operators