Customer Service
May 2, 1984

About Candidate

I have over 17 years in customer service and have understood the needs of customers. Soft skills are learned through experience and not through studying. My level of customer service range from international levels to different types of support focus (Internet support to Time and Attendance support).



Matric Certificate 2002
Marais Viljoen

English Afrikaans Mathematics Science Accountancy Computer Science

Financial Accounting Diploma 2017 to 2020
Boston Business College

Computer Literacy Company Law Financial Accounting Management Accounting Business Management Socio-Economics Auditing Taxation Applied Research Business Leadership & Ethics For Accountants Computerised Accounting Business Mathematics

General Management 2013
Boston Business College

Business Management Techniques Microsoft Excel Understanding the Internet Principles of Business Communication Life Skills Introduction of Business Accounting Practical Bookkeeping 1 and 2 Business English General Office Practice

Work & Experience

Customer Support Agent 1 March 2020

Responsibilities: 1. Technology support • Assist customers telephonically with their time and attendance system, both hardware and software • Offer remote training to new customers on hardware and software • Guide on general system maintenance for ideal system usage and performance 2. Sales • Upselling of systems • Following up on payments for the sale orders 3. System usage • Updating the customer relationship management systems • Responding to customer requests and queries via email 4. Other • Assisting management with any requests or requirements for the business needs i. Drafted training material for telephone and email etiquette

Sales and Managing Director 1 June 2019 - 28 February 2020

Responsibilities: 1. Perform sales • Conduct cold calling • Update the customers on the development of their orders • Manage the customer expectations 2. Market the brand • Public Relations 3. Update the reporting daily • Update the daily and weekly reports (Slot board and WARS) 4. Review the budget • Ensure that the finances stay in surplus • Credit control – follow up on order payments 5. Customer Service • Attending to customer security needs and updates

Supervisor 7 April 2015 - 31 May 2019
African Resonance

Responsibilities: 1. Manage the escalation of queries and build customer rapport 2. Define, gather data, and analyse the workforce business drivers 3. Manage workforce size and requirements using the business drivers 4. Forecast future workforce size and requirements against projected future business drivers 5. Monitor and evaluate staff performance 6. Compilation of operational reports 7. Ensure department meets their targets and deliverables 8. Ensure Service Levels agreements are met 9. Monitor Call Centre performance 10. Follow trouble shooting processes and outlined procedures and escalate to other departments (developers) as required 11. Provide customers with product and service information 12. Identify, research, and resolve customer issues using the knowledge base 13. Follow-up on customer inquiries that are not resolved immediately 14. Complete online call logs and reports 15. Research and resolve issues related to queries 16. Research misapplied payments. Research and communicate query resolution methods 17. Recognize, document and alert management of trends in customer calls 18. Recommend process improvements and follow workflow processes and procedures 19. Other duties as assigned 20. Assist with on-the-job training for new employees 21. Generate customer quotations and e-mails 22. Assemble and test terminal equipment before dispatch 23. Load terminal software internally and remotely

Team Manager / Supervisor 29 February 2004 - 31 March 2015

Responsibilities: 1. People Management • Coaches the team in order to ensure the quality of delivery meets the appropriate standard • Measures and manages the team to ensure out-of-line situations are immediately addressed • Communicates information in a timely, accurate, and understood manner to all team members • Ensure that all Human Resources policies and procedures are observed 2. Communication and Feedback • Conduct team briefs as scheduled by the workforce management team and in line with the weekly focus agenda set by the Operations Managers • Ensure regular feedback is given to Agents with regard to action plans that have been set • Ensure all relevant business communications are communicated to the team as and when required 3. Reporting and Administration • Sign off Agents’ timesheets on a weekly basis • Track and accurately update operational performance files for Agents on a weekly basis • Compiling and sending reports as required by the business for relevant updates 4. Customer Satisfaction • Drive the focus on improving the customer experience in every interaction through call listening, quality checking, coaching, and feedback • Work to resolve all customer queries that are escalated or are identified as detracting from the positive customer experience that we intend to generate • Drive team’s performance on systems and all metrics in accordance to the contractual obligation.