SHEQ Candidate
May 14, 1993

About Candidate



BA Environmental Sciences 2020
University Of South Africa

Environmental Management deals with managing the development and implementation of environmental management systems within organisations by identifying, solving and alleviating environmental issues, such as pollution and waste treatment, in compliance with environmental legislation and to ensure corporate sustainable development.

Work & Experience

Stack emissions Sampling 2021-02-08 - 2022-02-25
Future Projects Environmental Service

- Regularly perform site visits for emissions sampling - Provide environmental guidance to clients for new industrial projects. - Perform research and analysis to understand environmental effects of industrial plants. - Forecast potential environmental problems and provide recommendations. - Conduct site inspections for environmental safety compliance. - Analyse inspection data to understand pollution and contamination levels. - Prepare inspection reports along with appropriate suggestions for clients - Research and recommend new processes to reduce environmental damages. - Oversee environmental legislative issues for industrial clients. - Build positive and long-term working relationships with clients. - Obtain environmental permits and develop environmental programs for industrial clients. - Manage and monitor environmental activities to ensure timely completion. - Provide trainings and guidance to team members as needed. - Resolve environmental issues and escalate complex problems to higher authorities.