Operations Manager
May 23, 1967

About Candidate

As someone with a keen eye for detail and a passion for performance improvement and strategy development, I thrive on turning business problems into fit for purpose business solutions. I believe I have the qualifications and disposition to be in line with what your organisation requires and I am eager for the opportunity to bring my unique blend of technical skills to the team.

I am a skilled continuous improvement specialist with over 20 years of experience. I am seeking an opportunity with your organization to further my career and personal development as well as to add further strategic value to your team. As a recent returnee to South Africa, I am particularly attracted to your organisation which will allow me to push the limits, influence judgments, and flourish while still adhering to corporate aims and objectives.

I am extremely proficient in Operations Management, Production Efficiency, People Management, Stakeholder Management, and SHEQ Accountability, with an emphasis on an organisation’s continuous progress and ultimate profitability. I have proved my ability to think creatively in response to critical business issues, particularly those affecting the financial stability of organisations and have been involved in massive re-structuring and change management projects, successfully implementing continuous improvement initiatives with tangible results.

I have been recognised for constantly adhering to company strategy frameworks, compliance and governance standards, and industry best practices, and for successfully enhancing production efficiency, reducing operating expenses, and improving overall business workflow and shareholder returns. I utilise my effective communication style to translate complex concepts and strategies into concise and meaningful messages that are easily understood on all levels of an organisation. Throughout my management career I have reported to executive level leadership and assist in influencing and guiding them in making effective strategic business decisions.

In addition to my professional achievements, I have completed a range of qualifications ranging from Occupational Health and Safety, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Management. Additionally, I have completed a plethora of in-house professional development courses.

I aim to secure a position with a forward thinking and innovative organisation to add value to overall business productivity and efficiency and have a specific focus on working with a progressive team.  I am not looking for a job, but rather a career opportunity.

Your sincerely,

Zane Seedat

Tel: +27 60 320 8643