November 30, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

We are looking for a Talent Manager to be a part of our Human Resources department. You will be
working closely with the HR & Legal Director to search and promote new talent. Apart from sourcing
talent, you will also be assisting the HR & Legal Director in scheduling interviews and tracking the
recruiting process.

You should be able to plan talent acquisition strategies, draft internal promotion policies and
negotiate contracts. Your ability to filter high quality talent and create the brand’s niche in the
entertainment industry are our main requirements. You will be participating and coordinating with
external talent agents in various events and job fairs.
If you can pick right candidates and streamline our hiring process then we would love to meet you.

 Evaluating and acquiring new talent
 Developing effective and long term talent acquisition strategies
 Coordinating with the HR Directot in scheduling interviews
 Conceptualizing candidate training and sourcing programs
 Planning and creating various job description templates
 Monitoring and maintaining the recruitment status
 Encouraging employer branding
 Coordinating all internal hiring processes with the HR department
 Pitching ideas for employee promotion programs
 Actively participating in recruitment programs, job fairs and company events
 Negotiating contract terms with external talent agencies
 Conducting training sessions and workshops
 Tracking employee performance and maintaining engagement report
 Creating employee referral programs and monitoring its performance
 Supervising and coordinating with the HR Director
 to plan daily activities
 Conducting thorough background checks on new recruits
 Assisting HR Director in high level work

 Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related field
 Previous work experience as a Talent Sourcer, HR Manager or similar position
 Excellent communication and negotiation skills
 Strong marketing and networking skills
 Having an eye for detail
 Understanding of the recruitment processes and policies
 Knowledge of recruiting tools and software like Jobsoid and Linked In
 Good leadership skills
 Ability to maintain accurate performance records
 Excellent time management and problem solving skills
 Understanding of industry, labour and HR regulations and policies
 Ability to take initiative and make rational decisions
 Knowledge of different selection methods like aptitude tests, one-on-one interviews and
video screening