Quality Assurance Agent

April 4, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


·      Matric

·      Knowledge of all WSB sports, racing, lotto, and live games events/markets

·      Experience within the betting industry


Roles and Responsibilities:


To proactively pick up on all errors occurring on our site, across all products, sports, and sites, to minimize losses and ensure the best potential product offering throughout



Error Identification and Escalation:

·      Going through all pages of our sites, all sports, tournaments, and markets in order to pick up on any mistakes taking place on our site

·      These mistakes can range from being minor spelling errors to major critical issues that could result in significant financial loss

·      Collaborating with the Trading, Admin, Marketing and IT teams through escalation of issues and follow through to ensure mitigation of problems

·      Ensuring that all mistakes are logged correctly via our COM system

·      Correction of minor mistakes



·      Checking local and international competitors to identify gaps in our product offering, be it at a supplier level, game level, match level, or market level

·      Escalating this via weekly reports to the Trading Manager

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Suggestions and Proactive Improvement:


·      Proactive suggestions in terms of closing gaps leading to repeat errors on our site

·      Identifying recurring problems and their potential reasons in order to implement suggested permanent fixes

·      Identify staff knowledge gaps via the COM system and escalate to the respective manager so they can conduct training