System Administrator

April 4, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

To provide Hardware Maintenance, Server Maintenance, Office Maintenance/Support and Auxiliary Technical Support Services to the World Sports Betting Group


Hardware Maintenance:

·      Ubiquiti Unifi Network Management setup and maintenance

·      Fortinet IPSec/SSL VPN/Routing/Firewall Policy/DHCP setup and maintenance

·      Mikrotik Routerboard/CHR IPSec/Routing/Firewall Policy setup and maintenance

·      Imaging and deployment of Raspberry Pi’s

·      Installation, setup, and management of Hikvision NVR and cameras

·      Troubleshooting hardware issues of IT equipment

·      Inverter system monitoring and error reporting


Servers & Maintenance:


·      Creating and setting up virtual machines with VMWare VSphere/ESXi

·      Proactive Windows and Linux VM and Host maintenance

·      Maintaining IIS webservers

·      Synology NFS backups and data maintenance

·      Both off and On-premise Active Directory management

·      Microsoft SQL database management

·      Monitoring MySQL server status

·      Monitoring message services

·      Maintenance of SQL Databases

·      Physical server maintenance at Data Centres Gambling – 0800



·      FreePBX extension management / manage call recordings

·      Cloudflare DNS / policy and rule management

·      VOIP Phone / Microsip setup

·      Smartermail SMTP mailbox creation and management

·      Microsoft 365 account administration

·      Microsoft Exchange e-mail administration

·      Branch infrastructure support (WiFi, network, PCs, cameras etc)

·      Footage for security purposes

·      New betting platform implementations (retail)


Office Support:

·      Assisting staff with IT queries related to their duties

·      Assisting with website technical queries

·      Anydesk remote support for all staff

·      Sourcing IT equipment

·      Branch management access (retail pages)

·      Turfsport support (Wagering Software Moving events, archives, pending tickets etc)

·      Smart track, LiveChat account creation, management, and support

·      Anti-Virus management and support

8 Postal Address: PO Box 345, Banbury Cross, 2164,


Office Maintenance:


·      Microsoft Outlook SMTP account setup

·      Microsoft Office setup

·      Management and maintenance of all IT equipment

·      Sourcing IT equipment

·      Installation of new IT equipment

·      User software installation

·      IT software account management

·      Setup of Desktop/laptop for new staff