SENIOR C# Developer

September 28, 2022

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Job Description

JOB TITLE: Senior C# Developer
REPORTS TO: Development Manager
PURPOSE: To do cross product integrations, including backend,
frontend and API development, utilising modern
technologies and design principles

Self – Management:
 Guide development efforts towards successful project delivery
 Provide technical leadership to teammates through coaching and mentorship
 Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by maintaining good
practices and habits
 Maintaining meeting time frames set out within a scrum methodology
 Implement and carry out effective internal QA processes for all pieces of work
 Time and project management of projects to ensure timeous completion
Software Development:
 Multilingual knowledge
 Write original code and update existing code, ensuring that all code meets
program requirements
 Ensuring a mobile first methodology is always applied
 Creating and implementing design plans, and ensuring the end product meets the
quality standards required
 Ensure all new software functions smoothly across various platforms
 Perform intensive internal testing of all code changes to ensure they are free of
errors and regressions
 Keeping up-to-date with industry trends and technology developments uteng Gambling
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Minimum Requirements:
 5 years minimum experience with C#
 5 years minimum experience with Front End Technologies
 3 years minimum experience within an agile/scrum framework
 5 Years minimum experience with SQL
Preferred Requirements:

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 Knowledge of PHP
 Knowledge of Angular/React
 Exposure to Apache Kafka servers
 Exposure to Microservices architectures
 Exposure to Docker and/or Kubernetes
 Strong portfolio demonstrating your programming and design skills