Senior SQL Server DBA

November 17, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

This position requires a highly competent, highly motivated and driven individual who is able to work well
on their own and within the team, with limited supervision and who actively seeks ways of adding value to
the business in their role as Senior DBA.
Communication skills are essential to ensure we have a collaborative relationship with the teams we
interact with.
The DBA Team at Allan Gray is relatively small and there are a lot of opportunities for an individual to add
significant value to both the team and the company by contributing ideas, identifying opportunities,
suggesting solutions and sharing expert knowledge within the team and with our clients.
We run a combination of SQL 2014, SQL 2016, SQL 2017, and SQL 2019 instances on Windows 2016
through to Windows 2019. Hosts are mainly VMs (VMWare). We make extensive use of a DB virtualise
tool called Actifio for both non-production and production databases.
Primary responsibilities include database software installation and upgrades, database requirements
analysis and design, database creation, database monitoring and tuning, database backup and recovery,
and maintenance of existing database support scripts and related processes.
Cloud experience (preferably AWS) for upcoming projects.


Major Areas of Contribution

Current projects

 AWS Cloud Project including the lift and shift and rebuilding of FCI Clusters with FSx


 Database Software Installation and Upgrades
 Identify server hardware, software and configurations necessary for the various SQL versions
 Develop new processes, leveraging new technology, to streamline the process of building new
database servers
 Database Requirements Analysis and Design
 Enforcement of database standards
 Work with application development teams to design, and review designs for new databases, or
changes to existing databases
 Assess and identify database server resource requirements based on new application and
customer requirements
 Periodically assess and refine database standards based on new technologies and business
 Database Monitoring and Tuning

 Develop and improve procedures for automated monitoring of database availability and
 Review performance stats and recommend changes for tuning database, server, storage
configurations and applications
 Database Backup and Recovery
 Participate in backup audits, ensuring all databases and associated logs are being backed-up
 Periodically conduct test database restores to validate backup integrity and refresh skills
 Gather requirements and make recommendations for application backup and recovery
 Implement new backup and recovery processes that leverages new techniques and technology
 Database Problem Research and Resolution
 Assume ownership of database related problems; pursuing short and long-term problem
resolution and root cause analysis
 Work with vendors and internal support representatives to gather information, determine and
implement resolutions
 Coordinate interaction with vendors in critical database problem situations
 Database Support and troubleshooting
 Experience with MS SQL Server – Clustered SQL Servers, replication, database replication
 SSRS migration and experience
 SSIS and TLS 1.0 upgrade to TLS 1.2


 Ability to work well with different staff levels within and out of core competency.
 Ability to translate highly technical solutions/problems to audiences at varying technical levels.
 Communicates in a professional manner when interacting across staff levels, with peers,
management and internal/external customers.
 Experience in building and maintaining relationships across technical and business organizations.
Management & Administration
 Ability to contribute, influence, manage and direct a variety of projects concurrently with little or no
 Commitment to timelines
 Participate in organizational initiatives to define, measure, and report on application quality and

Business Acumen and Strategy

 Understands business and team goals and aligns individual goals with those of the business and
 Proactively generates relevant ideas for new and improved use of technology based on both
customer/business and systems’ needs.
 Understands the impact of new projects and technical impacts to supported systems
 Collaborates with peers, architects and managers to determine project strategy and how best to
implement/support it
 Channels strategic ideas and other input from to team lead and across team.
 Manages assigned projects and ensures milestones are met